Running Away With It

By: John A. Lanier

If the major economies of the world are in a race for the most robust and sustained economic growth, then China may have just broken from the pack.

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Biomimicry Innovation: change:WATER labs

2020 Ray of Hope Prize Finalist

The team atĀ change:WATER LabsĀ is fundamentally changing the way we process waste, and it all has to do with water. They recognized that if they could remove the water from human waste we would be left with a compact solid that would be much easier to collect and sterilize.

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Three Innovations Leading the Fight to Save the World's Forests

Reprinted from World Economic Forum

A focus on forests is a key part of the solution to effectively address the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss.

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Infrastructure Opportunity: HVDC on Interstate Roadsides

Modernized energy grid will accelerate electrified transportation

Ground-breaking research published in collaboration today by The Ray and Innovia Technology, and NGI Consulting, document the vast efficiency, economic, societal and environmental benefits of installing modern, high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission lines and localized micro-grids on interstate roadsides.

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Cypris Materials Introduces Nature Inspired, Tunable, Structural Color Coating

Applied like Paint

Cypris Materials, Inc. has cracked nature's code on nanostructures by creating a new type of paint that can be used from cosmetics to the auto industry.

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