A Beer From The Future

By: John A. Lanier

The folks at New Belgium are brewers that care about the issue of our generation, and they are using their one particular skill to ask others to do more. I support that just as I support any artist who uses their art for climate or any athlete who uses their sport for climate.

Photo Credit: New Belgium Brewing

Several months ago, I wrote a blog called “OK Doomer” that took climate doomerism to task. I remain generally opposed to messages about climate catastrophe that are meant only to inspire fear. I think we are most likely to solve the climate crisis by being realistic about climate downsides while emphasizing a positive vision for the future. That said, I’m making an exception to my opposition for one particular doomer campaign, because…well…it’s brilliant. And it involves beer.

New Belgium Brewing has long walked the sustainability talk, and they’ve recently focused on climate change as an issue. They’ve made their iconic Fat Tire beer certified carbon neutral (a first for a beer in the U.S.) and they have a goal of being carbon neutral as a business by 2030. In many respects, they have an inclusive and positive climate vision for themselves, for which I salute them.

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