The Best Laid Schemes

By: John A. Lanier

Doing right by the planet is a complicated and nuanced endeavor. It’s important that we all keep learning, doing our best, and not beating ourselves up when our best laid schemes go awry.

I didn’t appreciate my literature classes in high school. I was a Team Numbers guy, not a Team Words guy. Silly me - I didn’t realize those teams weren’t actually competing for anything.

I have a much richer appreciation for literature now, one that has developed organically over the last 15 years. Science fiction and fantasy top my list of favorite literary genres, but I still find pleasure in others. Even poetry, which I’ve tended to never quite “get,” has a growing appeal. Recently, I enjoyed the heck out of a poem I stumbled upon: “To a Mouse” by 18th century Scottish poet Robert Burns.

One line in the poem really grabbed me: “I’m truly sorry Man’s dominion / Has broken Nature’s social union….” Written nearly 200 years prior to the environmental movement’s beginning, this might as well be our motto.

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Join Us at Greenprints 2020

The Ray C. Anderson Foundation is proud to be a Conference Sponsor of Greenprints 2020.

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