An Aluminum Smelter Far, Far Away

By: John A. Lanier

Fortunately, some producers of aluminum have developed an alternative form of electrolysis that produces only oxygen as a direct byproduct. It’s good news, and recently a little ol’ company named Apple decided to purchase this low carbon aluminum for use in their laptops.

Image Credit: Disneyland Theme Parks

You know that moment, one that I think most of us have at least once in our lives, when you realize in a panic that your driver’s license or your passport is about to expire and you have to scramble to get it renewed in time? That’s how I’m feeling right now, but about my Star Wars fan card. I haven’t forced a Star Wars reference into a blog in a long time, so I fear Disney may revoke my fandom if I don’t remedy that immediately.

What do you think R2-D2 was made out of? I don’t mean the actual robot/costume/prop that was used to film the movies. I mean in the I-want-it-to-be-real-life galaxy far, far away. I have thoughts, so just plunk down your penny right there on the Mos Eisley Cantina bar and I’ll give them to you.

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CelebRAYting Ray Anderson's Legacy

Starting on Ray’s birthday, we kicked off a 15-week, interactive Facebook celebRAYtion that will allow us to look back at all of the past RayDays, with special focus on the organizations that have been with us since the very beginning. We will also be raising funds for these nonprofits who continue to lift up #sustainability issues amidst the COVID pandemic.

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Why Climate Change is About to Make Your Bad Commute Worse

Reprinted from The Washington Post

"Federal funding is especially important in light of the coronavirus pandemic...and the funding mechanisms transportation departments rely on to build, operate and repair infrastructure are drying up because of the pandemic, said Allie Kelly, executive director of The Ray.

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Maybe it's time to think about composting clothing

Reprinted from

What if the fashion industry functioned like an ecosystem? In the way a plant grows with the help of sunlight, eventually decomposes back into soil and serves as a building block for future life, so too could our shirts, shorts and shoes.

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Join Us for Circularity 20

We are a proud sponsor of Circularity 20 (Aug 25-27, 2020), which will virtually bring together more than 10,000 thought leaders and practitioners across industries and functions to accelerate the circular economy.

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