Math Without the Numbers

Ray’s sustainability vision for Interface was for it to rewrite the IPAT equation. He believed that the harmful technologies of the first industrial revolution, extractive and polluting by nature, could be replaced by the technologies of a new, sustainability-focused industrial revolution.

The bottom line; get to the heart of the matter; synopsize (definitely didn’t know that was a word); put in a nutshell; recapitulate (oddly, does not mean to “capitulate again”); boiling it down; and summing it all up.

Seriously, do we need so many different ways to say the same thing? Heck, there were more I could have added to the list! You’d think a plain-and-simple “summarize” would suffice. For anyone who is learning English as a second language, you have my sympathy. It must be impossible to keep up with all the different words and phrases we have for the same thing.

Of my list there, pick whichever one strikes your fancy and that’s what I’m going to try to do with the rest of this post. As I shared last week, we’ve got a book coming out! In the coming weeks, I want to explore various chapters and themes in that book. In this post, I am going to try to encapsulate (there’s another one) the original seven chapters that my grandfather wrote in 1998.

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Foundation’s NextGen Committee Issues Request for Grant Proposals for Projects Helping to Reduce Global Warming

The NextGen Committee of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation has issued a call for proposals for one $100,000 grant to fund work in the 2020 calendar year for new or existing programs that will help to reduce global warming, whether through direct carbon avoidance, climate communication, climate education, industry engagement, or otherwise.

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Georgia Climate Project Issues Call for Ideas/Presenters for Climate Change Conference in Atlanta

Are you working to understand or communicate what a changing climate means for Georgia? Are you working on solutions that help Georgia respond to these changes? We invite you to share your work at the 2019 Georgia Climate Conference!

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A Living Laboratory for Transportation Innovation - Clean Technica Interview with Allie Kelly

Reprinted from Clean Technica

Allie Kelly, executive director of The Ray, a non-profit organization which is the nation’s only publicly accessible, living laboratory for transportation innovation, has been announced as a featured speaker for the 2019 WTS Conference in Boston, May 15-17, 2019. Clean Technica recently interviewed Allie.

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Jill Albers Receives Ray C. Anderson Sustainability Award at Interface's Global Sales and Marketing Meeting in Atlanta

Jill Albers, account executive with Interface was presented with the Ray C. Anderson Sustainability Award recently at Interface's 2019 Global Sales and Marketing Meeting in Atlanta

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