Queen Daenerys Targaryen the Wasteful

In a nutshell, the circular economy is about keeping materials where they have the greatest value in the flow of commerce, thereby limiting extraction of virgin materials and disposal of items in waste streams.

Goodbye Westeros. Our society’s collective obsession with your swords and your dragons, your houses and your war-torn lands, has finally come to an end. Might I say blessedly? That should pretty clearly tell you what I think about the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

May this serve as a spoiler alert for the no more than five people out there who (a) haven’t seen every episode of the show and (b) actually want to see them at some point. You should probably skip this blog post.

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Beth Bond of Southeast Green Interviews John Lanier on BlogTalk Radio

A Ray of Hope. Mid-Course Correction Revisited

Beth Bond, of Southeast Green interviewed John Lanier about the whole process of updating Mid-Course Correction Revisited. They talk about Ray, and how the new book continues his legacy, and the role that the Foundation is playing in securing a better world for tommorrow's children.

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Mid-Course Correction Revisited - Minneapolis Book Launch

The Foundation will host a book launch event for John Lanier and Mid-Course Correction Revisited in Minneapolis on June 17th.

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John Lanier to Speak at Sustainable Brands SB19 in Detroit

John A. Lanier, author of Mid-Course Correction Revisited, to speak at Sustainable Brands SB19

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The Next Mile Podcast: Episode 2 - Allie Kelly of The Ray

Allie Kelly, executive director of The Ray shares information about how the The Ray is tangibly working toward reducing waste, increasing productivity, and transforming the everyday transportation experience for Americans.

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