At Full Strength

By: John A. Lanier

Ellen, Andrew, and their team are true visionaries in the circular economy movement. Spend some time digging into their work and I promise you’ll come away wiser for it.

Years ago, Interface used the Clifton Strengths personality test for their employees. Back then it was called StrengthsFinder, and my father was impressed enough by it to share it with the rest of our family. I think it was the first personality test that I ever took.

This program takes a unique approach to describing a person’s psychological profile. The online test identifies a person’s tendencies for 34 different categories of strengths. Examples include Strategic, Focus, and Learner, and it is all geared toward increasing people’s productivity and ability to work well in teams. The theory is that people should know and develop their natural strengths, rather than try to mitigate their weaknesses. I think it makes good sense.

At the end of the test, your top five strengths are identified. What’s great about it is that, no matter what themes are identified, they are framed positively (ergo, they are all strengths). Here are mine, with descriptions from Gallup’s website:

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John Lanier to Speak at Serenbe Fellows Event on November 2nd

John Lanier to speak at Serenbe Fellows Event on 11/2.

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