More than a Drop in the Bucket

By: John A. Lanier

As this bucket fills, it shows humanity “using up” its carbon budget. What struck me most is how fast the rate of change has accelerated in the last few decades.

You’d think that it would be difficult to make a bucket cool. It’s as basic as a household item comes. A bucket is generally a boring solid color, made of a simple material with only a handle to spice it up, all with the sole purpose of merely holding stuff. In a ranked hierarchy of cool household items, I bet most of us would slot the bucket after the screwdriver, stepstool, air filter, and cutting board.

Yet allow me to explain why your dismissive prejudice of the humble bucket is flat out wrong. Buckets ARE cool, and as evidence I give you three examples.

Exhibit A – The Ice Bucket Challenge

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The Promise of Biomimicry: Video Watch Party on January 23rd

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Wendell Hadden Receives Ray C. Anderson Sustainability Award at Interface Sales Meeting

Interface's Wendell Hadden Receives the Ray C. Anderson Sustainability Award

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Passion First, Influence Next: A Talk by John Lanier Strikes a Chord With First-Year Undergraduate

A Story from the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business

Ella Stewart, a first-year undergraduate student at Georgia Tech, majoring in earth and atmospheric sciences, had the chance to hear John Lanier speak last fall. about his book; Mid-Course Correction Revisited. She tells her story and illustrates the impact that sustainability has on her life.

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What if you could rescue landscapes that have been deforested...with a tree?

Reprinted from The Hill

The Inga is a tough tree that helps restore nitrogen in soil and has a fruit that tastes like ice cream. What’s not to love?

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