Not-Loser Takes All

It’s just a bad goal, in that it focuses on avoiding a bad thing. How inspired would you be if you had a coach who said, “Okay team, now I want you to give me everything you have to make sure we don’t lose!”? Forget that – I want to be a winner, not a not-loser.

Let’s go behind the curtain. Sometimes, when I’m looking for inspiration for my blog, I’ll come up with a general idea and then go to the Google machine. A little search here and a little search there and I will likely find something funny, unexpected, and tangentially related to my theme. Today was one of those days.

I Googled “bad marketing examples.” Trust me, I had PLENTY of material to choose from. There are a ton of examples of marketing-gone-astray, and I figured I would find the perfect one to share here. Upon further reflection, I am going to do what so many of those campaigns simply failed to do – pull the plug. Just about everything I found was on the tenuous border of funny and offensive, tipping toward the latter. Heck, it was their offensiveness that landed these marketing faux pas on these lists anyway.

Go do your own Googling of you are so inclined, and I’ll settle for an awkward transition instead....

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Chad Frischmann on the TED Stage

Rather than quotes, this time I’m leaving you with the recently released TED Talk by Chad Frischmann. It’s been out for a week, and the video already has more than 600,000 views.

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Reliving My Childhood

Fernbank is a special place to me. I have fond memories of visiting as a child, whether on a school field trip or with my family. It’s where I learned about the dinosaurs as a young boy, and to this day I continue to learn from the amazing exhibits that they bring to the museum.

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Feeling Gratitudinal

I hope that you are able to gather with your family this week and find peace and joy in the time spent together. It really is a special time of year.

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There is no "Away"

We’ve made great strides in reducing our waste stream at home. Organics go in the compost bin. Recyclables go in the blue bin, and other recyclables are regularly taken to Atlanta’s Center for Hard to Recycle Materials. Now, we’ve discovered the TerraCycle Zero Waste Box.

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Paul Polman Quotes

I’m on vacation this week, so I will skip writing a blog. Per usual though, I wanted to leave you with a link to quotes, this time from Unilever’s CEO, Paul Polman.

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Six Down, Many More to Go

What matters most, however, are not the conversations that we have with our guests. It’s the conversations our guests have among themselves. Those conversations are the largest part of why we host RayDay, and we can’t know even a small fraction of what comes from them.

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Selachimorpha Tank

While not technically engaged in venture capital, my fellow judges and I did award $100,000 to the winning team, along with smaller prize money to the other teams. It definitely scratches the itch.

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Letting the Expert Speak

While lots of coverage of Hurricane Michael focused on the coastal communities, there hasn't been enough paid to the impact on Georgia agriculture.

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This Report is Special

We still have a chance of reaching the aspirational goal, but we need to move quickly. I urge you not to lose hope. Losing hope is futile, especially when what we need now is action.

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