Our Resilient Georgia Coast

Watch the recorded webinar

Would it surprise you to know that Georgia is home to more tidal wetlands than any other state and that these wetlands are a key climate solution? Coastal wetlands are our first line of defense against hurricanes and tropical storms, and they also sequester significant amounts of carbon in plants and sediments. What is Georgia already doing to protect our coastal wetlands, and what work remains to be done?

“Our Resilient Georgia Coast,” the first webinar in Drawdown Georgia's 2024 series, was co-hosted by One Hundred Miles, a coastal nonprofit working to protect and preserve Georgia’s coast through advocacy, education, and citizen engagement.

You’ll learn how community-led work is creating climate resilience on the Georgia coast from experts including:

  • Megan Desrosiers, Co-Founder and Executive Director of One Hundred Miles
  • Jill Gambill, Executive Director of the Coastal Equity and Resilience Hub at Georgia Tech
  • Christi Lambert, Marine and Coast Conservation Director at The Nature Conservancy
  • Dawud Shabaka, Associate Director and Environmental Justice Trainer at The Harambee House: Citizens for Environmental Justice
  • Jazz Watts, Justice Strategist at One Hundred Miles

Watch the recorded webinar.