Ray C. Anderson Tomorrow's Child

Tomorrow's Child


Without a name; an unseen face

and knowing not your time nor place

Tomorrow's Child, though yet unborn,

I met you first last Tuesday morn.


A wise friend introduced us two,

and through his shining point of view

I saw a day that you would see; 

a day for you, but not for me.


Knowing you has changed my thinking,

for I never had an inkling

That perhaps the things I do

might someday, somehow, threaten you.


Tomorrow's Child, my daughter-son,

I'm afraid I've just begun

To think of you and your good,

though always having known I should.


Begin I will to weigh the cost

of what I squander; what is lost

If ever I forget that you

will someday come to live here too.


© Glenn C. Thomas 1996