Join us for #RayDay2020 on Sunday, October 18, 2020 at Serenbe.

RayDay 2019 was a huge success with 2,000+ attendees (more than 600 kids), and 100 electric vehicles in The Ray's EV Caravan!

Read John Lanier's Ecocentricity Blog about the event.

With event producer ideaLand’s vision, and dedication from a host of partners, RayDay successfully became a zero food waste event in 2015, collecting and source-separating 1,200 pounds of food waste and serviceware for on-site composting, ultimately diverting it from landfill.  

In 2016, additional measures were taken to further integrate BPI compostable food and beverage serviceware into the mix, and the team continued to improve upon its food waste collection and destination planning practices.  Read the case study.

RayDay celebrates bringing people together, encourages conversations and connections, and continues to spread the word about sustainability. Imagine a one-day course on sustainable living, outdoors in a Serenbe country meadow with over 2,000 other classmates.

It was Ray Anderson’s tireless efforts to make this a better world for Tomorrow’s Child that inspired the creation of RayDay.

"We wanted to honor and celebrate Ray Anderson’s legacy by continuing what he did so well — inspiring, educating and connecting.  Our goals for our annual RayDay celebration are to bring people together, encourage conversations and connections, and continue to spread the word about sustainability.  If we can do this while also connecting with nature in the beautiful Georgia countryside, I think Daddy would be proud."

— Harriet Langford, Ray’s daughter and trustee of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation