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John Lanier to Speak at Kennesaw State University's Marietta Campus on September 25th

John Lanier will present "Rewriting Ray Anderson's Sustainability Vision in the 21st Century" on Wednesday, September 25th at 5:00 p.m. at Kennesaw State University - Marietta Campus

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Harriet and Phil Langford are Interviewed on Energy Matters

WGAU Radio Show with Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols

Harriet and Phil Langford, trustees for the Ray C. Anderson Foundation and The Ray discuss Ray Anderson's legacy, RayDay 2019 and all of the great innovations that The Ray is currently working on.

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Brightening Our Corner Newsletter - August 2019

Be sure to check out our quarterly newsletter for all of the latest news on our key funding initiatives, and upcoming events

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How to Start a Corporate Revolution

Reprinted from Conscious Company

Over a quarter-century, a global public company in one of the world’s dirtiest industries overhauled its environmental impact. Here’s a look at the early years.

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Mid-Course Correction Revisited - GreenMoney Journal Guest Article

Reprinted from GreenMoney Journal

John Lanier recently wrote a guest article for GreenMoney Journal about the recent launch of Mid-Course Correction Revisited

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John Lanier at Climate One - Triple Bottom Line Thinking for Businesses: Weak or Strong?

John Lanier presented at a Climate One podcast and panel discussion in May at the Commonwealth Club of California, with some focus on the triple bottom line.

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John Lanier at Climate One - The Circular Economy: More than Just Recycling

John Lanier participated in a Climate One podcast and panel in May at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. He talked about how recycling is just one part of the circular economy.

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John Lanier Featured on Getting in the Loop Podcast

John Lanier was recently featured on the Getting in the Loop Podcast, focused on the circular economy.

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Bending the line: How better design can transition a linear economy to a circular one

If you want to keep material from becoming waste, a good place to start is to keep material from becoming a product in the first place.

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Beth Bond of Southeast Green Interviews John Lanier on BlogTalk Radio

A Ray of Hope. Mid-Course Correction Revisited

Beth Bond, of Southeast Green interviewed John Lanier about the whole process of updating Mid-Course Correction Revisited. They talk about Ray, and how the new book continues his legacy, and the role that the Foundation is playing in securing a better world for tommorrow's children.

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