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Announcing the 2020 Ray of Hope Prize® Finalists

The Biomimicry Institute and Ray C. Anderson Foundation are proud to announce the nine finalist teams competing for the 2020 Ray of Hope Prize. These cutting-edge startups are advancing nature-inspired solutions that address a wide range of problems. From eliminating toxic paints and dyes, to providing a new, regenerative approach to marine infrastructure, these game-changing companies are providing a ray of hope in the world today.

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Foundation Awards $2500 Grant to University of New Hampshire’s Sustainability Institute on Behalf of Wendell Hadden, winner of the 2020 Ray C. Anderson Sustainability Award

Interface Matches the Grant, Bringing it to $5000

Wendell Hadden of Interface, winner of the Ray C. Anderson Sustainability Award has chosen for $2500 to be donated by the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, in his honor, to the University of New Hampshire Sustainability Institute (UNHSI) for its Sustainability Indicator Management and Analysis Platform (SIMAP). Interface has matched the grant, bringing the total donation to $5000.

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NextGen Committee Issues Call for Proposals for 2021 Grant

The NextGen Committee of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation has issued a call for proposals for one $100,000 grant to fund work in the 2021 calendar year for new or existing programs that will help to reduce global warming.

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Agroforestry land restoration technique improves food security in Honduras

Reprinted from Forests News

Five years ago, farmer Damas Nunez had reached a point of economic desperation. He had decided his best option to feed his family was to flee north to the United States from Honduras, despite the risks involved. He made a farewell visit to a friend with a farm in the upper Cangrejal Valley and was astounded to see a beautiful crop of corn and a large stack of firewood, plentiful enough to last a year.

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Seeking to Leave Honduras, A Desperate Man Instead Learns How to Revitalize His Farm & Restore the Environment

Reprinted from

Since 2012, the Inga Foundation’s revolutionary agroforestry system of Inga alley-cropping in Honduras has dramatically transformed the lives of 300 subsistence farming families

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What if you could rescue landscapes that have been deforested...with a tree?

Reprinted from The Hill

The Inga is a tough tree that helps restore nitrogen in soil and has a fruit that tastes like ice cream. What’s not to love?

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Of burrs, beaks and big checks

The Biomimicry Institute is seeking startups that have created products, services or technologies inspired by nature to be considered for the 2020 Ray of Hope Prize, a  $100,000 equity-free prize competition that provides participants funding to accelerate their path to commercial success.  

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Ray C. Anderson Foundation's NextGen Committee Awards $100,000 Grant to Inga Foundation

Feeding the Soil that Feeds Families on #WorldSoilDay

The NextGen Committee of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation has awarded a $100,000 grant to The Inga Foundation for their "Land for Life" program

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Brightening Our Corner Newsletter - November 2019

The Foundation's quarterly newsletter has been issued. Check it out for the latest updates on the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business, Biomimicry Institute, Georgia Drawdown, The Ray, Georgia Climate Project and more.

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Scheller College of Business Named #3 U.S. School in Corporate Knights 2019 Better World MBA Ranking

Reprinted from Scheller News

Georgia Tech's Scheller College of Business continues to be recognized as a leader in sustainability education in business. In the 17th annual Better World MBA Ranking, released by Corporate Knights on November 8, 2019, Scheller College is ranked #3 in the United States and #9 globally.

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