Articles about Circular Economy

Join Us for Circularity 20

We are a proud sponsor of Circularity 20 (Aug 25-27, 2020), which will virtually bring together more than 10,000 thought leaders and practitioners across industries and functions to accelerate the circular economy.

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Biomimicry: Using Nature's Perfect Innovation Systems to Design the Future

Reprinted from Forbes

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Built for Flight: Retooling our Economy to Soar

Reprinted from

John Lanier, executive director of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation published an article on GreenBiz. "In the short term, it is imperative to lean into the shift from shareholder capitalism to multi-stakeholder capitalism."

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John Lanier is Guest on Green Building Matters Podcast

“We need as many people understanding the intricacies, the nuances of what it takes to solve sustainability challenges as possible, and that requires people being willing to read and listen to podcasts like this and go deep on these issues. Becoming experts in as many different areas within sustainability as possible. It's hard work. It takes time, but it's a rewarding journey.”   John A. Lanier

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Brightening Our Corner Newsletter - November 2019

The Foundation's quarterly newsletter has been issued. Check it out for the latest updates on the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business, Biomimicry Institute, Georgia Drawdown, The Ray, Georgia Climate Project and more.

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John Lanier to Speak at Serenbe Fellows Event on November 2nd

John Lanier to speak at Serenbe Fellows Event on 11/2.

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Brightening Our Corner Newsletter - August 2019

Be sure to check out our quarterly newsletter for all of the latest news on our key funding initiatives, and upcoming events

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How to Start a Corporate Revolution

Reprinted from Conscious Company

Over a quarter-century, a global public company in one of the world’s dirtiest industries overhauled its environmental impact. Here’s a look at the early years.

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Beth Rattner at Climate One: What is Biomimicry?

Republished from Climate One

Beth Rattner and John Lanier recently spoke at a Climate One panel and podcast. Beth gave an overview of biomimicry.

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John Lanier at Climate One - Triple Bottom Line Thinking for Businesses: Weak or Strong?

John Lanier presented at a Climate One podcast and panel discussion in May at the Commonwealth Club of California, with some focus on the triple bottom line.

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