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Brightening Our Corner - February 2024

Our Quarterly Newsletter

The Ray C. Anderson Foundation has published its quarterly newsletter. February 2024.

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Ray of Hope Prize® Awarded to Sparxell for Plant-Based Alternative to Toxic Colorants

Biomimicry Institute announces Sparxell as top nature-inspired startup for 2023; Anodyne Chemistries recognized as Runner-Up

The Biomimicry Institute has awarded the 2023 Ray of Hope Prize® to Sparxell, a UK-based startup creating the next generation of colors and effects with vibrant, metal-like pigments, all from plant-based cellulose.

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Amanda Sturgeon Appointed as CEO of The Biomimicry Institute

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Relationship Status of Engineers & Sustainability? It’s complicated.

By: Andrew Schulz, PhD

An engineering Ph.D. from Georgia Tech talks about his biomimicry journey and details what it was like to take part in the Biomimicry Launchpad Accelerator program, which is partially funded by the Ray C. Anderson Foundation

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Meet 2023's Top 10 Nature-Inspired Startups Solving Crucial Environmental and Social Problems

Biomimicry Institute announces new cohort of bioinspired startups participating in the Ray of Hope Prize ® program.

The Biomimicry Institute is proud to announce the top 10 finalists selected to participate in this year's Ray of Hope Prize, a transformational program designed to help startups cross a critical threshold in scaling their sustainable solutions.

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May 2023 Newsletter

Read here for the latest updates from our key funding initiatives: Drawdown Georgia, the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business at Georgia Tech, The Ray and the Biomimicry Institute.

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Biomimicry on The Ray

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Unlocking the Power of Natural Wood: The Next Generation of Ultralight, High-Performance Materials

2022 Ray of Hope Prize Participant Strong By Form has created design-to-manufacturing technology that aims to bring the natural intelligence of tree structures to engineered wood. These innovators combine digital design, structural optimization and digital fabrication to produce structural wood-based composite parts.

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Better Surfaces Through Nature (and Lasers)

Using Nano Textures to Create Functional Surfaces

By closely examining the different sizes, shapes, and spacing of many biological surface structures, visionary company Fusion Bionic is harnessing these insights to create super-performing materials that mimic the wonders of nature and replacing costly traditional methods of finishing surfaces.

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Bio-Inspired Clothing Technology: How Insects Inspire Better Waterproof, Breathable Sportswear

Amphico has taken a page from nature's book, creating textiles that achieve complex performance using simple, sustainable substances.By drawing inspiration from the natural defenses of microscopic arthropods like springtails, Amphico has developed a non-polar fabric with nano, micro, and macro-level texturing that repels water, dirt particles, and harmful bacteria.

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