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Join Us for Circularity 20

We are a proud sponsor of Circularity 20 (Aug 25-27, 2020), which will virtually bring together more than 10,000 thought leaders and practitioners across industries and functions to accelerate the circular economy.

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Biomimicry: Using Nature's Perfect Innovation Systems to Design the Future

Reprinted from Forbes

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Biomimicry Fireside Chat: “Start Where You Are: A Conversation on Uprooting Racism and Creating Systemic Change in STEM”

Join the Biomimicry Institute and invited guests for an honest, interdisciplinary conversation on racism, being Black in the sciences, and how removing blindspots is essential for the work ahead.

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More Great News from One of the Ray of Hope Prize Finalists

ECOncrete Raises $5 Million in Series A Funding Round

Tel Aviv-based ECOncrete manufactures concrete structures that accelerate the growth of marine plants and animals, including fish, coral reefs, seaweed, and sea anemone

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Israeli Startup Looks to Nature for Concrete Solution for Marine Infrastructure

Reprinted from Sustainable Brands

ECOncrete has created a unique line of concrete solutions that enhance the biological and ecological value of urban, coastal and marine infrastructure; while increasing their strength and durability.

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Pheronym, a 2020 Ray of Hope Prize Finalist Receives $25,000 AgTech Grant

Reprinted from Woodland Daily Democrat

Pheronym, a finalist in the 2020 Ray of Hope Prize competition just received a $25,000 Agtech grant to help them reach commercialization milestones.

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Spotlight on bio-based textiles: Finding inspiration from nature

Reprinted from Bio Market Insights

Werewool is one of nine finalist teams that are competing for the Ray of Hope Prize.

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Brightening Our Corner Newsletter - May 2020

Our quarterly newsletter is out. Check it out for all of the latest news from the Foundation and our key funding initiatives.

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Through Biomimicry, Brazil Seeks Tech Innovations Inspired by Nature

Reprinted from Mongabay

In Brazil, many immersion courses are now offered in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes that focus on innovative materials, and biomimicry consultants and startups are emerging in the market: In 2018, Nucleário became the first Brazilian company to win a prize from the Biomimicry Institute for its technology that protects trees in reforestation projects, based on the principles of winged seeds and bromeliads.

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Learning from Nature Part 2: Context and Connectivity

Reprinted from the Biomimicry Institute

In Part 2 of a 2-Part Blog Series, the Biomimicry Institute's program manager, Michelle Graves shares her unique perspective on the power of context and connectivity based on experiences from the recent Biomimicry Bootcamp experience in Panama.

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