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The Ray Leads the Way in Right-of-Way Solar Energy

The Ray has partnered with the Webber Energy Group at the University of Texas, Austin to create the nation’s first-ever solar mapping tool!

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Infrastructure Opportunity: HVDC on Interstate Roadsides

Modernized energy grid will accelerate electrified transportation

Ground-breaking research published in collaboration today by The Ray and Innovia Technology, and NGI Consulting, document the vast efficiency, economic, societal and environmental benefits of installing modern, high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission lines and localized micro-grids on interstate roadsides.

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The Ray & UT Austin Unveil Solar Mapping Tool for Interstates

Each of the lower 48-states now have access to projections of how much solar energy could be generated on their interstate exits.

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Brightening Our Corner Newsletter - August 2020

Our August newsletter is out. Give it a read!

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Interstate 85's The Ray Proves Fertile Ground for Ecological Innovation

UGA Thesis Demonstrates Variety of Future Options for Underutilized Interstate Right-of-Way

UGA Researcher, Matthew Quirey is examining the various ways that The Ray's Landscape Lab on Interstate 85 is utilizing experimental planting designs in the right-of-way, producing not only environmental benefits, but also potential financial outcomes.

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Why Climate Change is About to Make Your Bad Commute Worse

Reprinted from The Washington Post

"Federal funding is especially important in light of the coronavirus pandemic...and the funding mechanisms transportation departments rely on to build, operate and repair infrastructure are drying up because of the pandemic, said Allie Kelly, executive director of The Ray.

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Near vs. Far Field Wireless EV Charging

Guest Blog from The Ray

The future of transportation is electric. As of September 2019, more than 1.3 million electric vehicles (EVs) were on US roads, and this number is expected to increase to 18.7 million by 2030. Today, most vehicle charging happens at home. It’s cheap, convenient, and fits most people’s daily needs. However, if we want to make the full transition to electric vehicles, we must have sufficient infrastructure to support long road trips, ground shipping delivery services, and movement of goods across the country for a more sustainable supply chain.

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The Ray Hosts Competition at their Solar EV Charger Through Month of July

Visit the Solar EV Charger, post about it, and get a chance to win

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New Solar-Powered EV Charging Station on I-85 in Georgia Delivers 300% More Power

Nation’s Only Smart, Green Highway Project Upgrades to 175 kW Fast Charging

The Ray, Donovan Energy, and ABB have partnered to upgrade the solar-powered electric vehicle charging station located at the visitor information center (VIC) located off Interstate 85 in West Point, Georgia. This station replaces the original solar-powered EV charging station that The Ray installed with Kia in 2015--the first in the Southeast.

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Brightening Our Corner Newsletter - May 2020

Our quarterly newsletter is out. Check it out for all of the latest news from the Foundation and our key funding initiatives.

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