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Spider-inspired silk company, Spintex, awarded $100,000 Ray of Hope Prize®

By mimicking how a spider spins silk at room temperature, Spintex creates high performance, sustainable textiles that are 1,000 times more efficient than an equivalent synthetic fiber.

The Biomimicry Institute is proud to announce the 2021 Ray of Hope Prize award recipient is Spintex Engineering. Spintex is a University of Oxford spinout company that manufactures biodegradable textile fibers for use in fashion and high-performance material applications. As the 2021 Ray of Hope Prize recipient, Spintex has been awarded $100,000 in  support of their groundbreaking work.

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Join Us at Circularity 21 for the Ray of Hope Prize

Join us at Circularity 21, June 15-17 for the Ray of Hope Prize announcement and lots of great programming on circular economy, biomimicry and more.

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Ten Nature-Inspired Companies Advancing Sustainable Solutions

Biomimicry Institute announces the 10 startup companies participating in this year’s $100,000 Ray of Hope Prize® program.

The Biomimicry Institute is proud to announce the top 10 nature-inspired startups selected to participate in the 2021 Ray of Hope Prize®, a transformational program designed to help startups cross a critical threshold in scaling their sustainable solutions.

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ECOncrete Turns Marine Infrastructures into Thriving Natural Ecosystems

Reprinted from Intelligent Living

ECOncrete succeeds in making coastlines less disruptive to marine ecosystems by replacing intrusive concrete structures (like seafloor mats and seawalls) with products that blend in with their surroundings. It accomplishes this through biomimicry – a technique that relies on the textures, shapes, and sizes of natural systems to dictate how a product is built. The result is a bio-enhancing material that helps marine life thrive.

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Brightening Our Corner Newsletter - February 2021

Quarterly Newsletter of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation

The Foundation has just published its quarterly newsletter. Ray Anderson always said, "Brighten the Corner Where You Are."

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From butterfly wings to shrimp claws: Mimicking nature on the nanoscale

Innovators look to biomimicry to address sustainability challenges. Can they harness green chemistry to get it right?

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ECOncrete Founder Featured on "What if We Get it Right?" Podcast

An Interview with Shimrit Perkol-Finkel

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Two Ray of Hope Prize Finalists Featured by Donut Media

Two finalists from the 2020 Ray of Hope Prize competition were recently featured on Donut Media's YouTube channel.

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Communicating with nematodes for better farming

Pheronym increases the effectiveness of commercially available beneficial nematodes (microscopic roundworms) by tapping into their natural communication platform, pheromones. By telling nematodes to be more effective and efficient predators, they are allowing for a widespread adoption of a proven organic farming technique.

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How the nanostructure of a butterfly wing inspired a better way to purify air

Biomimicry Institute

Metalmark addresses the global air pollution crisis by turning contaminated fumes into breathable air. Inspired by the structural coloration, aerodynamics, strength, lightness, and water repellency of butterfly wings, they are creating high-performance catalytic materials that can purify both indoor and outdoor air.

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