The Ray Wants You to Get Involved!

The Ray is excited to announce two new ways you can support and interact with their work towards a zero waste, zero carbon, zero fatality highway! This month they launched their monthly email series. You can sign up here for regular updates from The Ray.

Looking for more? The Ray has also launched a volunteer program.  On the first workday of each month, a list of volunteer projects will be sent to registered volunteers. These projects will be diverse and appeal to people with diverse skill sets and different time constraints. (And you don’t even have to live in Georgia to participate!) If you’d like to sign up to volunteer with The Ray, please email Anna Cullen at

These are both great ways to stay up to date with all the momentum surrounding The Ray. In July, the BBC World Service program, World Hacks, ran a short video and a comprehensive radio program on The Ray. Here in the United States, US News & World Report covered The Ray for their analysis of the state of transportation infrastructure. Car buffs took notice of The Ray when CNET's Roadshow covered how our smart road was keeping pace with smart cars. Now that’s driving the future!