The Ray Highway: Wow, What a Year!

The Ray had a blast at RayDay this year. The EV Caravan to Ray was a huge success with a record breaking 110 electric vehicles participating – that’s more than 3x the number from last year.

During RayDay, The Ray gave a very special preview of a new project – The Ray in Virtual Reality. Visitors had to opportunity to experience the WheelRight tire safety station right there at The Ray’s booth. Check out this short video about their experiences and stay tuned for more information about when you can #RideTheRay in VR.

The fun didn’t stop at RayDay.

The Ray has received several awards and accolades this fall. They were selected as on of Newsweek’s Top 100 Smart City Partners for the 2019 Momentum Awards. The Momentum Awards are an annual celebration of the people and cities propelling the world toward an environmentally sustainable, socially equitable, economically viable future of autonomous mobility and smart urban environments. The 100 Smart City Partners award recognizes “partners taking action, whose initiated projects are enacting real change.”

They also won a Shorty Social Good Award for “Best in Energy.” The Short Social Good Awards honor the social good initiatives brands, agencies & nonprofits are taking to make our world a better place and honors efforts made by organizations to improve sustainability and diversity internally, foster globally-minded business partnerships and increase employee community and civic engagement.

Finally, Atlanta Magazine has recognized The Ray as one of their 2019 Groundbreakers – look out for their November issue in stands now!