Teaming up with Geotab to Plan for Freight Electrification

To support the movement towards electrification in the transportation sector, stakeholders need accurate data to begin the planning for charging infrastructure. This is especially vital in the implementation of freight and truck stop electrification. In a new partnership, The Ray joins forces with Geotab to determine the optimal locations and design for EV charging stations, and to help make EVs more accessible through a fleet electrification study. 

The data provided by Geotab gives The Ray access to world-class fleet movement, as an overlay for its Esri ROW solar mapping tool, to prepare for the planning of EV charging infrastructure sites and medium/high voltage direct current transmission and distribution grid upgrades with its public and private partners.

The analysis by The Ray will begin with two pilot corridors: one regional, along I-20 from Dallas TX to Atlanta GA, and the other local, from the Port of Savannah GA to the inland port in Atlanta GA. Geotab will develop and provide data visualization tools, such as graphs and heat maps, allowing The Ray to easily dial into the analysis and leverage telematics-rich data insights.

The Ray will also use the data to determine the land size needed to support medium and heavy-duty EV charging, optimize charging schedules, and create EV charging locations as close to the corridor as possible. The data will also help increase efficiency while on the road and minimize miles driven. Projects like this one improve charging infrastructure to help make electric vehicles more efficient and affordable.