Right of Way Projects Seen as "Perfect Opportunity" for Transmission Build-Out

"We know that the highway right-of-way is the solution that has been hiding in plain sight” - Allie Kelly, executive director at The Ray

Since its creation, The Ray has been inspired by the opportunity in the underutilized land on our interstate roadsides. The interstate right-of-way (ROW) offers empty, government-owned land that, if used correctly, could be the answer to our Nation’s biggest barriers in transportation, energy and communications. Over the last year, The Ray has worked with state DOTs and transportation agencies across the country to help officials begin planning for utilization of these assets for renewable energy development, using The Ray’s GIS solar mapping tool by Esri for statewide solar analyses.

Now, they are building on that work their NextGen Highways initiative that aims to strategically colocate fiber-based broadband and electric transmission lines along existing highway ROW. States, such as the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the Minnesota Department of Transportation, have already begun to explore these projects.