Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainability Unveils New Strategic Plan

The Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business is one of the Foundation’s key funding initiatives.   The 2016-17 academic year has brought many exciting additions to the programs being offered through Ray’s namesake center at his alma mater.

In Fall 2016, the Center delineated three strategic sustainability themes to refine the focus and implementation of its 2016-2020 strategic plan. These themes represent key sustainability and business trends that also leverage core Center/Institute competencies:  the Circular Economy, Carbon-Conscious Business, and Business/Community Engagement.

The Center and its faculty and students are putting special emphasis on circular economy, and as a result Georgia Tech has become an Ellen MacArthur Foundation Network University.

With the Center’s increased focus on Carbon-Conscious Business, it has just launched the Carbon Reduction Challenge with assistance from a grant that the Ray C. Anderson Foundation provided through the NextGen (Ray’s grandchildren and their spouses).

Additionally, the Center has named a group of Scheller Sustainability Fellows and they have just completed the “Business, Environment and Society” Seminar Series.