International stewardship speakers examine faith practices of millennials

Reprinted from The Georgia Bulletin

With two youngsters in tow to Sunday Mass, things can get forgotten, like cash, which Ryan Johnson admitted he rarely carries. He’d love the option to use his mobile phone to donate to a cause at the parish on the spur of the moment.

“We like cashless, paperless, checkless,” said Johnson, a millennial Catholic. The family gives money to the church with an automatic electronic check from his bank.

Faith is so important to him that the 35-year-old Johnson knits it together with his career as an energy engineer by nurturing a network of Catholic young professionals with Catholic Charities Atlanta he hopes to see grow.

Ryan and his wife, Caroline, 30, joined St. Ann Church in Marietta, selecting from five nearby parishes in part because they can use their phones to read its website, keep up to date with parish news by reading an electronic newsletter, and interact with the 2,500 Facebook followers.

Some 80 workshop sessions, organized under 10 different track classifications, were available to some 1,100 people from around the United States and other countries, during the annual conference of the International Catholic Stewardship Council Sept. 17-20. Photo By Michael Alexander

“You want to feel like, if I am talking about the parish, the parish is listening. If I’m commenting sometimes (on the Facebook page), I want an answer. I want to be engaged,” said Johnson

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