How coral is inspiring eco-friendly clothing

Werewool is a biomaterials company that develops fibers with tailored aesthetic and performance properties. Inspired by nature, they design fibers at the DNA level to create sustainable textiles with inherent properties; creating low impact materials with a circular life cycle.

Werewool identifies protein structures found in nature, such as the red fluorescent protein found in the Discosoma Coral. They then grow fibers that are reliant on these proteins, creating textiles with inherent performance properties such as color or stretch, without the need for toxic dyes, finishes, and petroleum based synthetics. This is positive momentum toward achieving a truly regenerative fashion industry with safe and healthy materials!

Werewool was one of the finalists for the Ray of Hope Prize®, presented by the Biomimicry Institute and funded by the Ray C. Anderson Foundation.

To see biomimimicry in action, watch the new animated video below on Werewool's nature inspired innovation.