Helicoid Industries, Inc. Announced as Ray of Hope Prize Finalist

Press Release

Helicoid Industries Inc. is proud to announce being recognized as one of nine finalists in the $100,000 Ray of Hope Prize® competition presented by the Biomimicry Institute. The Helicoid® architecture prevents cracks in materials from expanding, which minimizes damage propagation, and ultimately dissipates significant amounts of energy from pressure strikes to avoid diminishing the materials strength and durability.

Millions of years ago, the "smasher" Mantis shrimp, one of nature's feistiest predators, evolved an internal architecture to protect the hammer-like club it uses to pulverize prey with incredible speed and force. The unique architecture, called a Helicoid®, protects the Mantis shrimp from self-inflicted damage as it crushes hard-shelled prey. Biomimicry researchers at the UC Riverside campus spent over 11 years reverse engineering the club and discovered that it is not the material, but the structure that provides the strength and toughness.

When the Helicoid® architecture is applied to any composite material or product that is currently made with traditional fiber alignment, the Helicoid® will provide numerous benefits including; reduced material weight, increased impact strength, fracture toughness, as well as reduced material costs and waste during manufacturing with Automated Fiber Placement.

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