Foundation's NextGen Committee Grants $50,000 to Alliance for Climate Education

In keeping with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and K-12 education trends for promoting the use of digital media in the classroom, ACE has achieved great success in reaching high schoolers across the nation. In total, ACE has educated over two million students, though most have been in urban areas. One of ACE’s most effective tools in educating these students has been its interactive, online curriculum called Our Climate Our Future.

This tool is a multimedia experience that educates young people about the science of climate change and empowers them to take action.

Our Climate Our Future brings the award-winning ACE Assembly on climate science and solutions to high school classrooms.  This online multimedia experience includes ACE’s signature mix of dynamic animation, music, video and interactivity.

In early 2017, the NextGen Committee granted $7,500 to ACE to allow them to do some pilot outreach to select rural counties in Georgia and North Carolina. In June 2017, ACE presented the NextGen Committee with their findings in a new report, “Climate Education at Scale: Key Counties in Rural North Carolina and Georgia.”

In late 2017, the NextGen granted $50,000 to ACE to scale up delivery of their high-quality climate education across key counties in rural North Carolina and Georgia between now and 2020.

This grant will enable ACE to:

Scale Our Climate Our Future into conservative and rural geographies that are susceptible to misinformation and apathy on the issue;

Neither North Carolina or Georgia has adopted Next Generation Science Standards and teachers in these states are targets for well-funded misinformation campaigns, illuminating the need for teacher support to bring climate science into the classroom

Strengthen the Youth Action Network to provide meaningful online and in-person engagement opportunities with partners; and

Of the 300+ teachers surveyed, 86% requested content on the local impacts of climate change.

Amplify the stories of ACE’s National Action Fellows in order to shift the narrative of climate change to one infused with urgency, justice and hope


“The Alliance for Climate Education knows how important it is for our next generation of leaders to understand the significance of climate change,” said Whitney Lanier, the 2017 Chairperson of the NextGen Committee. “Their mission resonates with our committee, and both of our organizations know that climate education and leadership is needed in both urban and rural locales. The impacts of climate change certainly won’t be limited to one or the other.”