Everyday Climate Solutions: Tools to Help You Take Action at Home

A Drawdown Georgia Webinar

Earth Day is just around the corner. Are you feeling inspired to take action and reduce your carbon footprint? Then you won’t want to miss our FREE webinar that will identify some of the most impactful ways you help grow climate solutions in Georgia.

From starting a compost system in your yard to eating less meat to upgrading to an electric car or truck, there are so many ways that each of us can make a difference. You’ll leave this webinar feeling inspired and empowered to take action on climate at home and in your community.

We will answer questions like:
- How can I compost food scraps if I don’t have the space for a large compost bin?
- How does a plant-based diet reduce carbon emissions?
- Are there any state or federal incentives for purchasing an EV?
- How can my family make the switch to eating less meat?
- What are the pros and cons of driving an electric vehicle?

Moderated by Blair Beasley, Director of Climate Strategies at the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, our expert panel for this event will include:

- Dr. Keisha Callins, obstetrician/gynecologist, Community Health Care Systems
- Khari Diop, community compost lab manager for Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture
- Dory Larsen, Electric Transportation Program Manager at the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Register now to find out how you can help bring climate solutions home.