Biomimicry grad discovers life's purpose in nature

McCall Langford seeks to advocate for a global reconnection to the natural world to create a more sustainable and regenerative future

McCall Langford was introduced to the design principles of biomimicry at a very early age. She came to appreciate the intricacies of nature’s complex systems, processes and forms through the work of her grandfather, Ray Anderson, founder of eco-friendly and sustainability-focused textile manufacturing company Interface. Langford was influenced by the biomimicry and sustainability thought leaders with whom her grandfather worked closely to design products inspired by the regenerative properties of the natural world.

After receiving her bachelor of business administration in marketing from Georgia State University, she channeled her passion for equity and sustainability into the environmental nonprofit sector, serving as the director of development of One More Generation.

The pull of the natural world was strong, and she stepped away from her corporate career to immerse herself fully in nature, spending over a year camping and backpacking in the U.S. wilderness. It was there that she was able to observe just how nuanced and special the harmonious nature of the biological world truly is.

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Note: McCall Langford is a member and past chair of the Foundation's NextGen Committee, comprised of Ray's five grandchildren and their siblings.