Better Surfaces Through Nature (and Lasers)

Using Nano Textures to Create Functional Surfaces

In the video below, from the Biomimicry Institute, we explore how the surface properties of plants and insects are inspiring functional surface technology that outperforms existing solutions.

Nature has evolved over millions of years to develop ingenious solutions to everyday challenges. By closely examining the different sizes, shapes, and spacing of many biological surface structures, visionary company Fusion Bionic is harnessing these insights to create super-performing materials that mimic the wonders of nature.

The video illustrates how the leaves of lotus plants are covered in rows of nanoscale pillars that repel water and dirt particles, while the eyes of moths have intricate nanopillared surfaces that absorb light, creating a naturally anti-reflective surface. Fusion Bionic's advanced laser technology engraves micro and nano textures onto human-made materials, efficiently mimicking nature's surfaces and replacing costly traditional methods of finishing surfaces.

By drawing inspiration from nature, we can reduce our use of energy and chemicals, and create optimized materials for eyeglasses, smartphones, solar panels, vehicles, and electronic plugs and connectors.

Fusion Bionic was the 2022 Runner Up for the Ray of Hope Prize®.

Watch the video below.