I want to ask the exact same question of all of us, whether a gameshow contestant or just a normal person – why do so many people want a car?

For anyone reading out there, and I’m serious about this, I want to know if you have the same childhood memory. I mean, I can’t be the only one. So please, sound off in the comments if this rings a bell or two.

Remember sick days during middle school? Legit sick days that is, not the Ferris Bueller variety. Those days when your parents told you to stay in bed and that it was okay to watch as much television as you wanted. You’d crawl back under the covers, get another couple hours of sleep, and then wake up with a cough and a strong desire to do nothing but veg.

Then click - television goes on and you start browsing. Click…..soap opera……..endless repeat of infomercials……..more soap operas……..The Price is Right.

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Recycled Rubber Paves the Way to the Future in Troup County, Georgia

The project used over 32,000 pounds of recycled tire rubber (RTR) in the top layer or “wearing course” of the road, which represents the rubber taken from over 2,500 end of life passenger tires.

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John A. Lanier is Named Chairman of the Southface Board of Directors

John A. Lanier, Executive Director of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation has just been named Chairman of the Southfafce Board of Directors

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Digital Trends Article: The Ray is a stretch of highway paving the way for the future of motoring

The Ray has been featured in Digital Trends with specific emphasis on how research and technology in the corridor complement technologies that car makers are rolling out.

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The Ray is Featured in Barron's Article

The Ray is featured in this article from Barron's - The View from Silicon Valley

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