We Now Interrupt This Program...

In lieu of a blog post this week, enjoy this great two-minute video.

What?! You think I’m lazy!?!?!?

Okay, maybe a little bit. But really, I’m taking this week off from writing because I just happened to stumble upon a video that connected too perfectly to my last post. Remember when I said that tossing out a single strawberry wastes about a half-gallon of water? Well, the folks at savethefood.com decided to create a two-minute film showing you the full life of that wasted strawberry.

So check it out here, and I’ll pick the series up next week linking food waste and climate change.

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Find the Stocks that Offer Innovation, Not Just Growth

Reprinted from Institutional Investor

This story implicitly highlights one of the most prominent features of capital markets — and one that is largely responsible for why growth is now anemic worldwide — that capital chases only risk-adjusted returns, with no interest in the impact of the resulting investments on driving sufficient economic growth.

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Allie Kelly and The Ray Featured on Yale Climate Connections

90-second show features story on The Ray

Climate Connections consists of 90-second stories about how people are responding to our warming world. This episode features The Ray's work on sustainable roadways.

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Seven Finalist Teams to Compete for First $100,000 Ray of Hope Prize at Biomimicry Global Design Challenge

Finalist to be announced at Bioneers Conference - October 22, 2016

“Ray Anderson believed wholeheartedly in nature as a model and a mentor, so it is incredibly fitting that this prize, which is intended to accelerate marketable solutions, be given in his honor,” said John A. Lanier, executive director of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation.

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Foundation to Award First Ray of Hope Prize for Biomimicry Global Design Challenge at Bioneers

One finalist team will win the Ray C. Anderson Foundation’s $100,000 grand prize for a nature-inspired food-systems solution.

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