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Wouldn’t a societal expectation of daily goodwill and thankfulness be better than a yearly one?

My wife and I have an ongoing deal - we choose not to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Now, before I get myself in trouble, let me state a disclaimer: I don’t cast any judgment upon those who do. The idea of celebrating love and valuing relationships is a good one, and if you find that Valentine’s Day facilitates these ideals, then I applaud you. Still, Chantel and I struggle with the commercialization and societal pressures that seem to accompany Valentine’s Day each year.

Instead, we celebrate Not-A-Valentine’s Day, wherein I will surprise her with some sort of gift or experience one day and call it her Not-A-Valentine’s Day, and vice versa. This works well for us primarily because it facilitates spontaneity, which we value immensely, and allows our love for each other to be expressed in a special way any day of the year. When we celebrate our love, it is never because such celebration is expected.

To an extent, Thanksgiving bothers me in a similar way. The holiday creates the expectation that all of America pause one Thursday in November to be grateful and offer goodwill to others. I suppose this result is valuable, but wouldn’t a societal expectation of daily goodwill and thankfulness be better than a yearly one?

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Anderson Foundation grants $50K to THINC

Reprinted from LaGrange Daily News

“We are excited to be able to provide monetary support and inspiration to these students who are emerging as the next generation of leaders in Troup County and beyond,” said Harriet Langford, foundation trustee.

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Ray C. Anderson Foundation Grants $50,000 to THINC Academy

The Ray C. Anderson Foundation presented a $50,000 grant to the THINC College & Career Academy

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From lab-grown burgers to farms monitored by sensors and drones, technology lies at the heart of many of today’s sustainable food solutions. Now, the Biomimicry Institute, a Montana-based nonprofit, is taking the trend a step further with its new Food Systems Design Challenge, encouraging a cadre of entrepreneurs to improve the food production system by emulating techniques and processes found in nature.

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West Point Visitor Information Center Features Georgia’s First Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Allowing Greater Travel Across GA and AL

Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia and Ray C. Anderson Foundation Take First Step in Imagining “The Ray,” the Highway of the Future

PV4EV is Dedicated at West Point Visitor Information Center

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