A Request

I want to ask you for something, and I promise that I won’t ask for this but once per year.

If you ever find yourself riding shotgun with me in the car, there’s a strong chance I’ll be listening to a podcast. It’s one of my favorite forms of media, and I use it for entertainment, news, sports, and general mind-expansion. The Podcasts app on my iPhone might be the most commonly opened app.

Take a glance at my subscribed podcasts and you will probably notice a theme: I like NPR. Half of what I listen to are NPR programs, with my favorites being the TED Radio Hour, Serial, and This American Life. I’ll also tune into Marketplace, Morning Edition, Ask Me Another, Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!, Car Talk, and Invisibilia if the mood strikes. The breadth of their programs is remarkable.

If any of y’all have listened to NPR, whether on the radio or a podcast, you’ll likely be familiar with their funding model. A significant portion of annual funding comes from the general public, and NPR is not shy in asking for it. I don’t blame them, considering that providing free media content isn’t cost-free.

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Shouldn’t We Treat Farmers More Like Ministers?

Reprinted with Permission from Yardfarmers

John Lanier, executive director of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation wrote a guest blog for Yardfarmers.

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Southface Teams Named Top Finishers in EPA’s ENERGY STAR® National Building Competition Nonprofits Show Positive Results by Leading the Way in Energy and Water Efficiency

Southface announced today that both of its teams - Boys & Girls Clubs All Stars and Grants to Green 2015 successfully completed EPA’s 2015 ENERGY STAR® National Building Competition. The competition was a chance for more than 6,500 buildings and 125 teams to save money as they competed to improve energy and water efficiency, lower utility costs and protect public health and the environment. Combined, the Southface teams reduced their energy and water costs by more than $455,000 in 2015.

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The Georgia Conservancy's Atlanta Office to Move Downtown

New address on Peachtree Street will bring the Georgia Conservancy closer to partners

“During our nearly 50-year history, we’ve called a number of office locations home,” says Georgia Conservancy President Robert Ramsay. “As the current lease at our Atlanta office in Midtown neared its expiration, we took a long hard look at the rental market in the city. Today, we are excited to announce that we are moving 1.3 miles down Peachtree Street to Downtown Atlanta.

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Emory to Launch $1.5 Million Sustainability Revolving Fund

From Emory News Center

Energy efficiency projects, such as plans to install a steam turbine generator at Emory's steam plant to capture the power of making heat, will find support through the new Sustainability Revolving Fund.

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