Life in Plastic

So what is the balance point between the good that plastic does and the bad? Honestly, I don’t know. But the more educated we can be about plastics, the better.

A friend of mine and regular reader of Ecocentricity recently sent me an excellent YouTube video produced by the Kurzgesagt folks (tip-of-the-cap, Chris). Kurzgesagt effectively translates from German to “in a nutshell,” and this merry band puts out one animated video per month, about six to ten minutes in length, that explains something of interest that relates to science. Here’s their YouTube homepage for anyone interested in browsing (apologies if this ruins your productivity for the day).

Chris sent me their most recent posting on plastic pollution. I would suggest taking nine minutes to watch this video, even if that means you don’t bother returning to read the rest of this post. I don’t mind – amazing and mind-enriching video trumps whimsical and half-baked blog post any day.

Rather than give a play-by-play of their video, let me just say why I think this is such a well-done video. Often, environmentalists focus on raising awareness of an issue. It’s an important role, since so many environmental challenges are latent and frequently downplayed. Heck, if you look back through my posts, you’ll probably find a lot of my writing geared towards awareness-raising.

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