All Things in Moderation

So what’s the problem? If some algae are good (very good), isn’t it better to have even more? Nope.

Aristotle was a cool dude. Wicked smart, and he had a heck of a beard, at least according to the artist Raphael. Just take a look at The School of Athens fresco. That’s Aristotle in the middle with the blue robe, next to the rather unkempt Plato. What a dashing man.

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher who studied under Plato in the 300s BC. One of Aristotle’s classic philosophies was known as the “golden mean.” This principle essentially states that, in the face of two opposite extremes, the middle point between the two is generally the most desirable.

Today, the concept can be found in many different places. In religious traditions, Confucianism calls it the “Doctrine of the Mean” and Buddhism calls it the “Middle Path.” In clichés, we find it in the phrase “all things in moderation.” In modern fairy tales, we find it in “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”

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Michael Oxman Named Managing Director of Scheller College's Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business

Michael Oxman joins the Scheller College of Business as the new managing director of the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business.

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Using Nature’s Design Principles to Create a Radically Sustainable Food System

Winners announced for food system focused biomimicry innovation challenge.

Biomimicry Global Design Challenge judges have chosen ten winning teams to receive cash prizes and, for some, the chance to bring their biomimetic solution to market and compete for the $100,000 Ray C. Anderson Foundation Ray of Hope Prize.

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Georgia Department of Transportation Board Endorses Innovative, Safe and Sustainable Demonstrations on The Ray

The Ray Will Become a Proving Ground for Safer, Smarter Highway Mobility

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) State Transportation Board yesterday passed a resolution endorsing a project of The Ray C. Anderson Foundation, The Ray, to re-imagine our highway system into one that is safer and more sustainable.

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Southface Strengthens Policy and Advocacy Team

Lisa Bianchi-Fossati Joins Southface as Director of Policy

Lisa Bianchi-Fossati to join Southface as Director of Policy in continued support of the region’s growing need for energy efficiency and expanding interest in clean energy technologies.

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