Itty Bitty Living Space

Chances are that by now you’ve heard of tiny homes. Back in 2014 though, that was my first introduction to them. Now, it’s apparently become a movement, and I get why.

What’s the opposite of breaking news? Do we have a term for that? No? Anybody know? Bueller?

Well, whatever the answer, I’m pretty sure that writing a blog about an event that you attended four years ago is a good example of non-breaking news. Having never taken a journalism class, I don’t know if this breaks any “rules.” If so, I’ll just plead ignorance.

Back in 2014, my now brother-in-law Nick made the trek from Orlando to Atlanta to spend a weekend with us. While we were glad to have him visiting, he wasn’t actually there to see us. Instead, he wanted to see what a 135-square-foot home would look like. And no, I didn’t drop a zero at the end of that number.

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