What’s a Nimby?

When contemplating our environmental challenges, we can’t just say, “Not in my backyard.” Instead, I ask that we collectively declare, “Not in anyone’s backyard.”

I don’t know who first mentioned the acronym to me, but I thought it was brilliant when I heard it. Way better than YOLO or FOMO. That’s “you only live once” and “fear of missing out” for the readers out there who are wise enough to spend their time on better things than keeping up with the latest hip acronyms.

The acronym I’m talking about is NIMBY, or “not in my backyard.” The acronym actually shows up as a word in ­Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, defined there as the “opposition to the locating of something considered undesirable (as a prison or incinerator) in one's neighborhood.”

I imagine we are all guilty of nimbyism (also a word) to some extent. Imagine if your city announced that a new sewage treatment plant or airport would be constructed 200 yards from your house or apartment. How would you feel? Personally, I would be less than enthused.

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