Into the Garbage Shoot, Fly Boy

Earlier this year, China decided to ban foreign imports of different types of solid wastes, effective January 1, 2018. As a result, Chinese recycling companies won’t be buying American recyclables, which will crater the global demand for those materials.

You know what I haven’t written about in a while? Star Wars. Let’s talk about Star Wars.

So remember in A New Hope when Luke and his rag tag band of merry men (and droids) go gallivanting about the Death Star to rescue Princess Leia? You know, they dress up as Stormtroopers, take over the cell block where Leia is imprisoned, Leia calls Luke short, and then they go tumbling down into a trash compactor? R2-D2 saves them from being squished like grapes, Obi-Wan pointlessly confronts Darth Vader and loses, and then everyone escapes on the Millennium Falcon? Of course you remember.

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Let's Use the Right-of-Way in a Smarter Way

Reprinted from Mother Nature Network

Right-of-way farming joins a bevy of sustainable initiatives along the Ray C. Anderson Memorial Highway in Georgia.

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Serenbe Hosts 2018 Biophilic Leadership Summit, Sponsored By Interface

Those interested in learning how to implement sustainable, biophilic practices in their communities can do so at the 2018 Biophilic Leadership Summit, held at Serenbe. Along with The Biophilic Institute and Biophilic Cities, and sponsored by Interface, Serenbe will host the summit April 8-11, 2018.

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Kia Motors makes second annual co-sponsorship contribution to The Ray on Giving Tuesday

Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia (KMMG) delivered a significant financial contribution to The Ray, Georgia’s living laboratory for transportation technology on Interstate 85, on Giving Tuesday. The $26,000 gift is the second installment of a three-year commitment for the WheelRight® tire safety station, installed in December of 2016 at the Georgia Visitor Information Center on The Ray at mile marker one.

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Farming on the Highway Shoulder

New Pilot Project on The Ray Presents Opportunity for Erosion Mitigation, Economic Opportunity and Carbon Reduction

This month, the The Ray, the Georgia Department of Transportation and The Land Institute have implemented a new pilot demonstration on the right-of-way: perennial wheat farming.

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