Alex, I’ll Take Economic Systems for $800

Capitalism is fundamentally a more efficient system than communism. By empowering private citizens to seek their own self-interest, the system becomes decentralized, making it more locally attuned to market demands and shifting conditions.

When it comes down to it, free markets are simple. They are the end result of capitalism, the economic system (i.e. a system in which goods and services are produced and exchanged) in which the process of creating goods and services is privately managed for the purpose of generating a profit.

Okay, fine, maybe that isn’t so simple. But I can break this down a bit, starting with a comparison to another well-known economic system: communism.

While communism is also a political and social ideology, as an economic concept, it relies upon public ownership of the systems of production with the goal of economic uniformity amongst citizenry. In other words, the government runs the businesses and no one is supposed to be “better off” than anyone else. With capitalism, private citizens run the businesses, and the whole point is for those who are best at doing so to be rewarded with private wealth. The two systems couldn’t be more different.

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Ray's Story Featured in History Piece in Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine

Ray's story is a history feature in Georgia Tech's Alumni Magazine (Volume 92 - Winter 2016)

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Kia Motors Manufacturing and The Ray Pollinator Garden Video

Check out this video, taken when The Ray, Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia, Georgia Deparment of Transportation, The Georgia Conservancy and Chattahoochee Nature Center got together to plant a 7,000 sq ft native species pollinator garden at the Georgia Visitor Information Center in West Point, GA

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Case Study on a Zero Food Waste Event

RayDay event producers embarked on a waste reduction journey with Ei Partners, in 2015 and 2016, and share some highlights and lessons learned.

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The Ray Unveils Two New Transportation Technologies - Both Firsts in the U.S.

The Ray and its partners announce the installation and unveiling of two innovative transportation technologies: The Wattway Solar Roadway and WheelRight Tire Pressure and Tread Depth Management Systems. Demonstration projects open to the public on The Ray at Georgia Visitor Information Center on I-85 in West Point, GA

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