It’s Finally Here!

I believe that the essence of the book is captured in a question that Paul asked me years ago, and which he continues to ask people: Is climate change happening to us, or for us?

I’m facing a bit of a challenge here. Nothing crucial, mind you. It’s just a minor difficulty, and I think we can work through this.

Here’s the deal. I’m confined to using the written word to express my excitement, and I’m struggling a bit. You see, if I was fortunate enough to be enjoying your company at this moment, you’d see it in my expression. If I were sharing the news with you by telephone, you’d hear it in my tone. In this case though, I’ll have to settle for you just reading it.

So here it goes, my best effort at expressing to you in literary form my current level of exuberance…….


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Introducing Georgia Tech's Scheller Sustainability Fellows

The Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business at Georgia Tech's Schelller College of Business empowers students to become leaders in building a sustainable and prosperous future. The MBA Fellows program is an opportunity for those seeking a deeper engagement related to sustainability, beyond the Strategic Sustainability Concentration, the Innovating for Sustainability Immersive Track, and the Net Impact MBA Chapter.

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Georgia Tech Launches Carbon Reduction Challenge with NextGen Grant

The Ray C. Anderson Foundation's NextGen has granted funds for Georgia Tech to add a carbon reduction challenge component into their internship and co-op programs.

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Combating Pollution with Bioswales

Georgia DOT and The Ray install 10 acres of native grasses and pollinator plants; decrease pollution

Last week, The Ray and the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) installed five to ten acres of native grasses and pollinator plant seeds in the median and northbound lane gore area of Exit 6 on I-85 near LaGrange. These areas, known as bioswales, are shallow drainage ditches filled with vegetation to slow water movements and capture particulate pollutants, heavy metals, rubber and oil during rainstorms.

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New Innovations on The Ray Put Global Spotlight on Georgia

Solar Roadway and Drive-Over Tire Pressure Safety Measurement are Firsts in the U.S.

The last few weeks of 2016 brought lots of excitement to The Ray team as they saw two international pilot innovation projects unfold at the Georgia Visitor Information Center at the Georgia/Alabama state line.

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