Base Camp

Here’s the plan. The next seven blog posts will be a guided tour up the Seven Fronts of Mount Sustainability, Ray Anderson’s famous zero-footprint metaphor.

It’s another Monday morning as I write this, which means I’m once again racking my brain for what might be a good blog topic. That’s how lots of Monday mornings go. It’s not uncommon for me to start writing on two or three different topics before settling on one I feel good about.

As I struggled through this little tradition today, I had a brilliant moment of insight (or at least I thought it was brilliant – you might just call me lazy). I should start an eight-part blog series! That’s nearly two months of blog topics at one fell swoop!

***Public Service Announcement*** – Shakespeare appears to have coined that last phrase in Macbeth. I bet you didn’t know that. I didn’t know that until I looked it up to make sure I was using it properly. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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RayDay 2017 is October 15th at Serenbe

Tickets are now available for RayDay 2017

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Paul Hawken Premieres Drawdown at Foundation Event

The Ray C. Anderson Foundation proudly sponsored a private launch party and book signing for Drawdown on April 24th at Southface. More than 80 people attended the event and were treated to a personal introduction by Paul Hawken, who founded the Project Drawdown initiative and edited the book which premiered in mid-April.

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The Ray is Evolving as a Living Laboratory

The Ray is continuing its mission as a living laboratory through its ever-evolving projects and demonstrations. The last few months have seen a focus on “soft tech.”

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Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainability Unveils New Strategic Plan

In Fall 2016, the Center delineated three strategic sustainability themes to refine the focus and implementation of its 2016-2020 strategic plan. These themes represent key sustainability and business trends that also leverage core Center/Institute competencies: the Circular Economy, Carbon-Conscious Business, and Business/Community Engagement.

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