Who’s Responsible for This?

Most commonly, these regulations require businesses to share in the responsibility of properly disposing of their products at end-of-life. In other words, they can’t sell something and then say, “not my problem now!”

So I said I would talk about how people only care about the services that products provide, rather than the products themselves. I lied. I want to talk about another topic, which I think informs upon the product/service discussion. Basically, this has unexpectedly become a mini-series. Hey, it just means I don’t have to think up as many topics!

Extended producer responsibility laws. Sounds fancy, huh? Well, maybe not fancy, but certainly complicated. Kind of like magnetic resonance imaging (i.e., taking pictures of your insides), granting a writ of certiorari (the Supreme Court will hear the case) or earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (how much money a business made this year).

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Georgia Tech Launches Global Change Program

Program to Focus Efforts on Education, Research, Engagement

The Georgia Institute of Technology announces the formal launch of the Global Change Program, a new initiative designed to coordinate and grow educational and research activities focused on providing solutions and creating economic opportunities at the intersection of global change, climate change, and energy.

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Getting Down to Business: Industry Leaders Announce Start of Georgia International Business Park

Leaders from some of the biggest businesses in the country gathered in LaGrange City Hall on Thursday to discuss the creation of what will be the biggest industrial park in the southeast in terms of size, employees and investment in the community.

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Celebrating Hometown Heroes

Harriet Langford is Honored by American Red Cross of Central Midwest Georgia

Harriet Langford, Founder and President of The Ray and Trustee of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, has was honored as a Hometown Hero by the American Red Cross of Central Midwest Georgia

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Recycled Rubber Paves the Way to the Future in Troup County, Georgia

The project used over 32,000 pounds of recycled tire rubber (RTR) in the top layer or “wearing course” of the road, which represents the rubber taken from over 2,500 end of life passenger tires.

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