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Ecocentricity - Special Issue

"We Need a Ray C. Anderson Prize!" they said.

“Why not take an existing competition infrastructure, based on something that Ray believed in wholly, and partner to create an even bigger impact?” From the seeds of that thought, the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge (BGDC), featuring the Ray C. Anderson “Ray of Hope” $100,000 prize, was born.

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Biomimicry Global Design Challenge is Open

Compete for the chance to win the $100,000 “Ray of Hope” Prize. Challenge hosted by the Biomimicry Institute and Ray C. Anderson Foundation

The Biomimicry Global Design Challenge is open to registrants, who are invited to submit commercially viable, nature-inspired solut

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I think we might have ruined the color green. Which is a shame, because it is one hell of a color. Seriously, stop and think for a second. I’ll wait – I’ve got all day in fact, seeing as you are reading this at your leisure. I advocate for sustainability, so when I say “green,” what do you think?

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