The Placebo Effect

You know what’s arguably worse? When a placebo is contributing to the critical endangerment of an animal that has roamed the planet for tens of millions of years – the rhinoceros.

I am fascinated by the placebo effect. If you aren’t familiar with the word, a placebo is essentially a medical treatment that doesn’t have a direct therapeutic effect on the patient. Examples are sugar pills and saline injections. Another example would be if I put a glass under my kitchen faucet, filled it with water, handed it to you and said, “Here, drink this magic water and you won’t have eye wrinkles.”

The placebo effect is when a person takes a placebo and actually gets better (or at least they report an improvement in the condition, which isn’t the same thing). Crazy, right? Like, what if your wrinkles disappeared after drinking my tap water. How cool would that be?!?!

I am fascinated because the placebo effect means the human brain has a role in the body’s physical health. Sometimes, if we think a medicine or treatment is making us better, the simple act of thinking we are healing causes the improvement. Apparently Wikipedia has a page on the brain’s role in physiological health, and if you understand even half of the words in the first paragraph, that means you are way smarter than me.

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The Ray and Energy Institute at UT Austin Partner for Groundbreaking Solar Energy Research Focused on Highways

The Ray and the Energy Institute at the University of Texas, Austin will partner to create ground-breaking research in solar energy. Through this research, the Energy Institute will analyze United States interstate shoulder, known as rights-of-way, mile by mile, for solar energy generation potential.

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Innovators Tackling Humanity's Biggest Problems Seek Solutions by Studying Nature

Reprinted from

"Biomimicry" is the study of living systems for clues to create human designs that are better for both people and planet.

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Interface to Acquire Nora

Interface has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Nora Systems in a stock purchase transaction valued at approximately $420 million.

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WheelRight Tire Safety Station on The Ray Now Includes Sidewall Reading

This week, The Ray and WheelRight have upgraded the unique WheelRight drive-through tire safety station to include tire sidewall reading. The WheelRight system previously allowed for tire pressure and tread depth readings, but this additional capability contains all the critical information necessary to describe the tire and identify a suitable replacement.

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