This is an environmental blog, so I admit that I’m not fully comfortable writing this post. That said, I simply can’t write about anything other than Charlottesville today. It’s occupying too much of my mind and my heart.

My weekends are often busy. My wife and I struggle to balance the things we have to do with the things we want to do with the people we want to see and the sleep we want to get. As a result, we treasure any weekend that has a significant amount of free time.

This past weekend was one of those blessed few. Chantel, J.R. and I spent a lot of time outside and disconnected from electronics. It was wonderful, but it also meant that I didn’t hear anything about the tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia until I checked late on Saturday night.

As I spent nearly an hour getting caught up on the news, I felt like I’d been punched in the gut. Writing this today, I still feel that way, and I join the chorus of good people who are grieving for Heather Heyer, Lieutenant Cullen, Trooper Bates and the dozens of those injured over the weekend.

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Each submission I reviewed involved an immense amount of work from these teams, and I’m grateful to them for the time and effort they put toward the challenge. While as judges we couldn’t advance every team to the Accelerator Phase, I was impressed by every entry I saw.

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The Climate Divide and the Old Mason-Dixon Line

Guest Blog by Jim Hartzfeld

A new study unveils the disproportionate negative economic impact of climate change on the “Old South.”

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Nature is a Great Alarm Clock

We are not separate from nature. We are nature. Walking along the muddy trails of that rainforest, I felt welcome. I experienced being a part of nature.

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Buy Local, Except When You Shouldn’t

Here’s the problem – raising the price of solar cells in America could have a significant chilling effect on demand for solar panels in this country. That’s bad for two reasons.

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Front Seven: Redesigning Commerce

Maybe I’m naïve. Heck, I know that I’m an idealist. Still, deep down I believe in the goodness of people. I celebrate human integrity. I believe that, with enough time and intentionality, we can collectively redesign commerce to promote universal wellbeing.

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A happy and blessed Fourth of July week to my American readers!

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Front Six: Sensitizing Stakeholders

So remember, it’s never okay for someone to say, “I can’t do much – I’m just one person.” That is categorically false. None of us are just one person, but rather parts of our families, friend groups and communities

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Front Five: Resource Efficient Transportation

At speeds of 30 kilometers per hour, velomobiles require 3.5 times less energy than bicycles. Compared to electric vehicles, velomobiles are about 20 times more efficient. They are arguably the most efficient form of transportation on the planet.

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Front Four: Closed-Loop Manufacturing

As Amory Lovins says, “if it exists, it must be possible.” Nutrient cycling exists. That means it must be possible for mankind to create a manufacturing system that works just as well.

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