Front Five: Resource Efficient Transportation

At speeds of 30 kilometers per hour, velomobiles require 3.5 times less energy than bicycles. Compared to electric vehicles, velomobiles are about 20 times more efficient. They are arguably the most efficient form of transportation on the planet.

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Front Four: Closed-Loop Manufacturing

As Amory Lovins says, “if it exists, it must be possible.” Nutrient cycling exists. That means it must be possible for mankind to create a manufacturing system that works just as well.

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Front Three: Renewable Energy

It turns out that we already have some remarkably innovative renewable energy storage solutions. Tip of the cap to Drawdown for clueing me in on a cool one: gravitational potential energy.

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Front Two: Benign Emissions

Back in September 2003, the EPA decided that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases were not “air pollutants,” meaning that the EPA didn’t have to regulate them under the Clean Air Act. A number of states concerned about climate change didn’t take kindly to this determination. Voila, we have a lawsuit!

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Front One: Zero Waste

That said, despite being inefficient, waste has permeated our lives. At a high level, I see a few reasons for that.

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Base Camp

Here’s the plan. The next seven blog posts will be a guided tour up the Seven Fronts of Mount Sustainability, Ray Anderson’s famous zero-footprint metaphor.

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Location, Location, Location

All of this to say, carbon is not some enemy. It is a misplaced resource. And the opportunity for the business community to value drawdown as an investment, rather than view carbon reduction as a cost, is upon us.

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When it comes down to it, I fear that for many people “sustainable” has become synonymous with “less bad.” That’s not enough, friends.

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Every Day is Earth Day

The Earth is different though. She is a constant presence in human existence, a daily experience for each of us. Without asking, she gifts us fresh water, protection from ultraviolet radiation, a regulated climate, breathable air and energy to fuel our bodies.

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It’s Finally Here!

I believe that the essence of the book is captured in a question that Paul asked me years ago, and which he continues to ask people: Is climate change happening to us, or for us?

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