Guest Blog: Energy Burden – Combining Social and Environmental Lenses for Impact

Guest Blog by Michael Oxman

John Lanier is still away on paternity leave. This week, our guest blogger, Michael Oxman, managing director of the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business and Professor of the Practice for the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business talks about the the fact that Atlanta has one of the highest concentrations of energy burden among major metropolitan areas in the United States. With funding from Georgia Tech Strategic Energy Institute’s Energy and Policy Innovation Center and the Georgia Tech Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain, students and faculty from the Scheller College of Business and the School of Public Policy are conducting the study (with input from a range of stakeholders) to identify potential solution platforms.

While I have worked in the corporate responsibility/sustainability domain for some time, it has only been since I began in my current role that I find myself consistently asking, “What would Ray do?” At risk of preaching to the choir, Ray C. Anderson was inspirational in many ways, but for me what stands out was his willingness to buck conventional wisdom and forge greater impact from corporate sustainability solutions by ensuring that they were also practical and commercially-minded (i.e., doing well by doing good).

I think this mantra is reflected well in John’s recent post on leveraging the triple bottom line where he also notes that all three prongs should work together, rather than independently. That is, in a sports-minded analogy, you don’t set out to load the bases with three singles only to end the inning with all runners stranded, but rather to deliver multiple runs and perhaps even a grand slam!

At the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business at Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business, we engage on a number of topics across the corporate sustainability spectrum, but we have settled on three strategic focus areas: carbon conscious business, the circular economy, and social performance (our grand slam set up). While research, education, and engagement on each of these has a tremendous amount of merit, combining across two or more extends our chances of real impact.

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Guest Blog - Miles of Opportunity on The Ray

Guest Blog by Harriet Langford

John Lanier is away on paternity leave for a few weeks, so please enjoy our guest bloggers on Ecocentricity! This week, Harriet Langford, founder and president of The Ray, talks about the energy-transportation nexus and all of the great opportunities that exist on this 18-mile stretch of highway in West Georgia.

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Guest Blog - Strengthening the "Fragility of Grand Discoveries” with Biomimicry

Reprinted from Biomimicry Institute Blog by Erin Connelly

John Lanier is away on paternity leave for a few weeks, so please enjoy our guest bloggers on Ecocentricity!

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Do I Smell Smoke?

This week, I want to tie it all together by showing that rented or leased durable goods would be the far superior environmental option.

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Who’s Responsible for This?

Most commonly, these regulations require businesses to share in the responsibility of properly disposing of their products at end-of-life. In other words, they can’t sell something and then say, “not my problem now!”

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I want to ask the exact same question of all of us, whether a gameshow contestant or just a normal person – why do so many people want a car?

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Raising the Bar

If a company wants to do a side project or charitable initiative to support an environmental or social cause, that is all well and good. There’s no penance in sustainability though.

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After the Storm

Maria is estimated to have cost $90 billion in damages, which means its impact will be felt for a long time yet to come. Puerto Ricans won’t forget Maria for decades, if ever.

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We Should Start a Book Club!

Whether it’s from a sense of being nostalgic or old-fashioned, I’m not ready to see the end of page-turners. I still choose physical books over digital ones, and I bet I’m not alone.

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Leavers and Takers

Ishmael’s compelling opening – TEACHER seeks pupil. Must have an earnest desire to save the world. Apply in person.

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