Base Camp

Here’s the plan. The next seven blog posts will be a guided tour up the Seven Fronts of Mount Sustainability, Ray Anderson’s famous zero-footprint metaphor.

It’s another Monday morning as I write this, which means I’m once again racking my brain for what might be a good blog topic. That’s how lots of Monday mornings go. It’s not uncommon for me to start writing on two or three different topics before settling on one I feel good about.

As I struggled through this little tradition today, I had a brilliant moment of insight (or at least I thought it was brilliant – you might just call me lazy). I should start an eight-part blog series! That’s nearly two months of blog topics at one fell swoop!

***Public Service Announcement*** – Shakespeare appears to have coined that last phrase in Macbeth. I bet you didn’t know that. I didn’t know that until I looked it up to make sure I was using it properly. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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Location, Location, Location

All of this to say, carbon is not some enemy. It is a misplaced resource. And the opportunity for the business community to value drawdown as an investment, rather than view carbon reduction as a cost, is upon us.

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When it comes down to it, I fear that for many people “sustainable” has become synonymous with “less bad.” That’s not enough, friends.

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Every Day is Earth Day

The Earth is different though. She is a constant presence in human existence, a daily experience for each of us. Without asking, she gifts us fresh water, protection from ultraviolet radiation, a regulated climate, breathable air and energy to fuel our bodies.

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It’s Finally Here!

I believe that the essence of the book is captured in a question that Paul asked me years ago, and which he continues to ask people: Is climate change happening to us, or for us?

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That's a Big Pothole

Fortunately, Atlanta has a robust public transportation system and an intelligently-designed network of roadways to allow for a seamless modification of traffic flows without increased congestion. Unfortunately, none of that previous sentence is true.

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How to Heal the Ocean

The environment wins as the fishing net pollution is reduced. The fishing villages win with access to micro-finance, a cleaner environment, and a bit of extra revenue. Interface wins by increasing the recycled content in its supply chain. Pure triple bottom line goodness.

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A Walk on the Beach

I remember a deep feeling of sadness hitting me in that moment. It was a sudden and unexpected physical connection to a tragedy that had claimed 11 human lives and was wreaking extraordinary environmental damage

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A First Time for Everything

For many divers, the Great Barrier Reef is a pilgrimage they make after years spent exploring the ocean. For Chantel, it’s where she dove for the first time, and it’s an experience she will never forget.

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Who Doesn’t Love a Good Singalong?

Perhaps the words are overly simplistic (it is a children’s song after all), but the song directly acknowledges our dependence on nature for a range of ecosystem services. Which isn’t exactly a simple concept when you reflect on it.

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