Ray Anderson's Predictions for the Future: Where Are We Now?

By: John A. Lanier

In an award acceptance speech in 2010, Ray Anderson made some interesting predictions about the future. Twelve years later, we realize that he "nailed it" in so many ways.

In 2010 Ray C. Anderson was honored to be inducted into the International Green Industry Hall of Fame (IGIHOF).  He delivered one of his last award acceptance speeches virtually to their membership, and per the request of IGIHOF Founder Sam Geil, he made a few predictions about what he believed the future held for advancement of the sustainability movement.

Twelve years later, as we were preparing some "Ray moments" to share at RayDay 2022, we discovered this gem, and realized just how many of his predictions are coming true through the Foundation's key funding initiatives.

Ray's words speak for themselves.  Watch the video below.