Climate Town

By: John A. Lanier

Climate Town is a YouTube channel produced by the comedian and climate expert Rollie Williams. He creates some of the best, and certainly the funniest, climate videos I’ve ever seen.

This is going to be a short blog post from me, because it’s another one of those weeks where I want to lift up the work of someone else. When I do this, I often share some thoughtful literary work, whether beautiful poetry or brilliant prose. Or perhaps I turn to the great library that is, lifting up the artform of the spoken word. From time to time, I’ll suggest a compelling documentary that explores one of the environmental challenges of the day. I’ve even recommended environmentally-themed board games in posts like this! But today is a bit different. This time, I want to lift up the work of a YouTube comic.

Behold, I give you Rollie Williams and his YouTube channel, “Climate Town.” Rollie just recently completed a masters degree in climate science and policy, and he decided to merge his deep knowledge of the climate crisis with his … more humorous side. He produces various short videos covering different climate issues, but in a way that, according to the “about” section on Climate Town’s YouTube site, “doesn’t make you want to eat a cyanide pill.” Topics have included fast fashion, suburban sprawl, and natural gas stoves.

I think the guy is hysterical, and he does a great job of breaking down these issues. Just a heads up though - there is some cursing in these videos, so I wouldn’t recommend watching with your young kids. Anyway, if you’d prefer to laugh about things that might otherwise want to make you cry, check out the videos at the link above. Cheers, and see y’all next week!