The Ray Partners with ITS America and WTS International Foundation to create Mobility XX

Increasing Opportunities and Interest for Girls and Women in Tranportation Careers

This summer, The Ray partnered with the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) and WTS International Foundation to create MobilityXX, to increase opportunities for girls and women to become interested, trained, inspired and personally invested in transportation careers. 

MobilityXX began as an idea that we three organizations proposed to Equality Can’t Wait, a $40 million global challenge to elevate women in sectors - like transportation - where women are historically outnumbered and underrepresented, from the job site to the board room. What happened next is the so-called “proof in the pudding” - women across the public and private sectors rallied to activate, support and participate in MobilityXX, even before the program achieved full funding!

This brings us to the inaugural, two-part “Why Equality Can’t Wait” webinar series, hosted by MobilityXX last month in coordination with McKinsey & Company, Minnesota DOT, and Populus. They covered the latest research on “Women in the Workplace” and heard from women leaders in the transportation and high tech industries about the on-the-ground impacts of COVID-19 that are unique to women workers. Don’t worry if you missed the conversations live!

Laura Rogers, director of strategic partnerships for the Ray, participated in the first webinar and Allie Kelly, The Ray's executive director appeared in the second one. You can check out full recordings of both sessions here.