The Ray is a Finalist for the Keeling Curve Prize - Energy Category

The Global Warming Mitigation Project is a nonprofit that exists to pave the way to a livable future; we bring visibility, credibility, and funding to science-backed climate solutions across the globe while providing inclusive and positive opportunities for individuals, companies, and organizations to contribute to climate mitigation efforts.

The cornerstone of GWMP is the Keeling Curve Prize, awarded annually to multiple private and public sector projects that increase awareness and implement actions aimed at abating human contributions to the carbon footprint of the planet - the principal reason for the global warming crisis

Even though the Keeling Curve dataset only represents the daily record of atmospheric CO2, GWMP has adopted the Keeling Curve as the name of their prizes because it has come to represent the clearest and strongest living symbol of the broad set of global warming challenges faced by the modern world.
GWMP awards $25,000 to two projects in each category annually.

This year, The Ray has been chosen as a finalist for the Keeling Curve Prize in the Energy category.  Projects in this category decarbonize energy, support zero-carbon energy innovations, and lead the way in improving the supply, distribution, and access of low or zero-emissions energy systems worldwide.