The Promise of Biomimicry: Join us Thursday for the Film Watch Party

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Ever wonder how an idea inspired by nature gets brought to market? Biomimicry offers the promise of creative, sustainable solutions to solve our greatest design challenges. But it’s not enough to have a strategy for tackling a problem without the means to make it a reality. What happens when you have a genius biomimicry idea that can help make the world a better place?

In a new short film produced by Tree Media, we get a firsthand perspective of how the Biomimicry Institute is pioneering an open-access platform for nature-inspired design — beginning with AskNature, the most important resource for everything you need to practice biomimicry, and ending with the Ray of Hope Prize®, where a startup is given a $100,000 investment to commercialize their biomimetic product or service. Co-founder Janine Benyus walks us through the emerging discipline, and we meet up-and-coming companies who are working to bring their innovation to market.

As a practice, biomimicry shows us how to fit in with our surrounding environment sustainably and offers millions of years of research and development to tap into for inspiration. As a movement, it gives us hope, because we know solutions exist, and no matter what our background is, we can help make a difference.

To see biomimicry in action and further an understanding of this new way of living, join us this Thursday, January 23 at 12p PT / 3p ET for a live watch party of the short film: The Promise of Biomimicry.

Here's a short teaser video with more to come during the watch party next Thursday.

The Promise of Biomimicry Teaser from Biomimicry Institute on Vimeo.

We are grateful for the Wyncote Foundation for making this film possible. A special thanks goes to John Lanier and the Ray C. Anderson Foundation for helping us further biomimetic design. And we appreciate each of these incredible teams that have stepped forward to help bring us closer to a regenerative society made with good design.Have a problem you want to solve? Register for the 2020 Biomimicry Global Design Challenge to join the movement. The next great idea may be waiting for you right outside.