Spotlight on Chris Hagler: Scheller Alumna and Sustainability Expert

Photo caption: In 2019, Chris discusses investor focus on sustainability in the Ray C. Anderson Center’s Business, Environment, and Society Speaker Series.

In this interview, Michael Oxman, managing director of the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business speaks with Chris Hagler, Southeast practice leader of climate change and sustainability services at Ernst & Young (EY). Chris shares her career trajectory; thoughts on leadership across environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria; and advice for students looking to incorporate their passion for sustainability into their careers.

Chris is a valued member of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation's Ecomafia, a group that Ray himself originally organized to create a forum for business leaders to meet and share best practices and emerging trends on sustainabiity-related topics specific to Atlanta.

Anna Cullen, external relations director of The Ray is also proud to call Chris Hagler her mom.

Read Michael's interview with Chris here.