Scheller Interns at SunTrust Win Carbon Reduction Challenge

Reprinted from Georgia Tech's Scheller News

A team composed of two Scheller College of Business and four Industrial and Systems Engineering students who interned this summer at SunTrust won the top prize in the inaugural Internship and Co-op Carbon Reduction Challenge.

Students who voluntarily signed up for the program agreed to serve as sustainability ambassadors in their company or organization. More specifically, they accepted the challenge to propose and implement plans to reduce carbon emissions at their place of employment while also cutting costs for their employer. The cohort included more than 20 students from four colleges within Georgia Tech who worked on projects at more than ten organizations, including several Fortune 500 companies, prominent NGOs, and the City of Atlanta. Several projects have already been approved, which will collectively result in over 12 million pounds of CO2 emissions reductions and hundreds of thousands of dollars in estimated savings.

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