Say Goodbye to Synthetic Sunscreens: How Chemicals in Our Eyes Are Revolutionizing Sunblock

While synthetic sunscreens have been helpful in protecting our skin from harmful UV rays, they have also caused damage to reefs and marine life and can persist in the environment and our bodies. However, humans have evolved to produce their own natural sunscreen in the form of a suite of chemicals called kynurenines that concentrate in the lenses of our eyes.

Inspired by this natural process, researchers at Sóliome are producing kynurenine-based sunscreens that are effective, economical, and environmentally friendly. By attaching additional bio-inspired compounds to the kynurenines, the resulting molecules are too large to penetrate through skin, ensuring they stay on the surface where they are most protective. Moreover, even if the kynurenines were absorbed, they are natural products that don't pose the same risks as synthetic alternatives and biodegrade quickly.

Join us along with the Biomimicry Institute, as we explore this exciting biomimetic breakthrough in sunscreen technology that can protect our health and the health of our planet.