Relationship Status of Engineers & Sustainability? It’s complicated.

By: Andrew Schulz, PhD

Around a year ago, I was accepted into the Engineering for One Planet Network. As a graduate student at Georgia Tech, I had difficulty finding a community of like-minded engineers focused on sustainability, especially in the conservation of wildlife or conservation technology field. Therefore I sought to make my community by teaching two courses. The first on human-centered design technology innovation for public health and food insecurity, HumaniTech. The second is on hardware and software designs for wildlife (called GaTech4Wildlife), a field known as Conservation Technology.

After teaching each course for over two years, I found that students cared a lot about sustainability. Through case studies, project collaborations, guest speakers, and project reports, the pages of text students wrote became a canvas for extended collaborations. I began to find my community at Georgia Tech through the Center for Teaching & Learning, the Kendeda Living Building, and Serve-Learn-Sustain.

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