Ray C. Anderson Foundation Grants $50,000 to THINC Academy

The Ray C. Anderson Foundation presented a $50,000 grant to the THINC College & Career Academy today at 10:00 a.m. at the THINC Academy Campus.

“We are excited to be able to provide monetary support and inspiration to these students who are emerging as the next generation of leaders in Troup County and beyond,” said Harriet Langford, Foundation Trustee.  “The timing for this partnership between the Foundation and the Academy could not come at a better time, as we find ourselves on the edge of the next phase of  moving forward with ‘The Ray,’ the sustainable highway of the future. We look forward to the creative innovation, technical expertise, and futuristic thinking that these students can bring to that process, as we continue to work with the community to drive the future together and create a better world for tomorrow’s child.”

“Having seen THINC mature from an embryo to a vital, growing, future world-class model for college and career academy endeavors, I find it an honor to serve in this position and to be a part of such an awesome project,” said Kathy Carlisle, CEO of THINC.  “Presently, we are thrilled to have earned endorsement from the Foundation, which ensures the ability to accomplish our vision. Our students come to us with dreams for their futures, and our mission is to provide them with the tools for making their dreams realities.  Our students having the opportunity to be influenced by such great leaders as those from the Ray C. Anderson Foundation is the power behind our success—their mission and our mission are the same.”


The concept for THINC College & Career Academy was born out of the Workforce Development Committee of the Troup County Center for Strategic Planning. Shaping work-savvy students for a demanding workplace, THINC takes a down-to-business approach to education. The charter and expert-based THINC provides an environment rich with hands-on discovery as students find themselves immersed in an authentic workplace curriculum.  http://www.thincacademy.net