Learning from Nature - It's Good for Business (Part 1)

Reprinted from the Biomimicry Institute

Earlier this month, we led a life-changing program deep in the jungle of Panama. 35 young entrepreneurs came together to participate in the first Biomimicry Launchpad Entrepreneurship Expedition, a program designed to challenge these changemakers to view the role of their startup in a different light. We wanted to help them realize that by creating a new organization and solution, they could directly impact our global home, Earth.

We need a seismic shift in how we conduct business. I can’t help but wonder how our current environmental crisis may look different if entrepreneurs and executives spent less time in boardroom meetings and more time having deep conversations in nature.

Growing up, my father ran a summer camp located on a pristine 750 acres. Being outside was my normal, and it was normal for me to camp out under the stars. As I grew older, I became a camp counselor, and one of my favorite activities was to take my group outside at night to look for shooting stars. For many this was the first time they saw the Milky Way, and it opened up so many questions about why we are here and how amazing our planet is.

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