IGEL is Hiring an Executive Director

Do You Know Anyone Who Might Be Interested?

The Opportunity

The new part-time Executive Director will have an exciting mandate to bring the IGEL strategic initiatives to life. In partnership with a strong, engaged Board, the part-time ED will:

  • Lead IGEL to next-level innovation, accomplishment and impact
  • Create revenue growth, including enhancing the organization’s visibility and ability to raise foundation, philanthropic, corporate, and earned revenue
  • Oversee the implementation of IGEL’s new Communications Strategy
  • Build out new activities to activate, engage and diversify the existing IGEL network

These four priorities are of equal importance.


The part-time Executive Director will be a leader with vision, authentic passion, and credibility in the field of Georgia’s Environment. He or she will have a compelling presence, strong relationship skills and proven expertise in growing revenues.

The part-time Executive Director will:

  1. Be a direct hire of and report to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. Compensation set by an annual review conducted by the Executive Committee.
  2. Be a visionary, inspiring leader of the mission and vision of the organization. He or she will be an engaging, strategic servant leader, able to chart and resource next level vision and accomplishments for the IGEL network. He or she will be an influencer and catalyst who foresees environmental challenges in the state and provides vision, strategy, and resources to advance collaborative solutions through the activation of the existing network of IGEL Alumni. Above all, he or she will lead the expansion of IGEL’s capacity and programs in order to further deliver on its mission.
  3. Increase resources to support the mission. A primary responsibility of the part-time ED will be to raise sufficient resources to meet or exceed IGEL’s annual budget and work plan. He or she will inspire growing support for IGEL’s mission with existing and new partners, donors, sponsors, and members. The part-time ED will enhance IGEL’s fundraising capabilities and reach. He or she will develop a sustainable, growing revenue stream consistent with organization’s aspirations.
  4. Be a compelling ambassador for the IGEL brand. The part-time Executive Director will position the IGEL network as a pioneering force for positive change with audiences that include corporate, civic and conservation leaders, academia, elected officials, developers, local communities, and the public.
  5. Be a good relationship builder. The part-time ED will be engaging and a good listener with high emotional intelligence. The part-time ED will create collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships that engender new opportunities and resources.
  6. Lead, manage, and strengthen IGEL. The part-time ED will be a proven developer of great talent, teams and infrastructure. He or she will be an outstanding, trusted manager and mentor who builds an environment of shared vision, values, high standards and accountability. Through authentic visionary and pragmatic leadership, the part-time ED will enhance the culture of IGEL in ways that inspire staff and alumni and achieve results.
  7. Be an expert communicator. The part-time ED will have the skill set needed to implement, oversee, and manage the communications strategy recently adopted by the Board of Directors.

Download the full job overview and application instructions here.