Harriet Langford Appointed to Biophilic Institute Board

Harriet Langford, Foundation Trustee and daughter of the late Ray C. Anderson, has been appointed to serve on the Board of Directors for the Biophilic Institute.

The Biophilic Institute is a nonprofit organization that finds its roots in the word “biophilia,” originally coined by psychologist and philosopher Erich Fromm, describing the psychological orientation of humans to be attracted to all that is alive and vital.  It came into wider use thanks to biologist, naturalist and author Edward O. Wilson, who suggested that biophilia describes “the connections that human beings subconsciously seek with the rest of life.”

The Biophilic Institute promotes a world in which individuals take local and global actions that nurture the living, social and economic systems that will sustain future generations.

“We are delighted that Harriet Langford has joined the board of the Biophilic Institute,” said Steve Nygren, founder of Serenbe and president of the Biophilic Institute Board.  “Ray C. Anderson was a key inspiration for Serenbe and it is only fitting that Harriet, Ray’s daughter, will now advise the work of the Biophilic Institute, an outgrowth of Serenbe, which serves as an outreach to universities and government leaders to understand the connection between the built environment silos that exist today and the solutions that were discovered with the development of Serenbe and the Chattahoochee Hill Country.

In addition to her service on the Board of the Biophilic Institute, Harriet also serves on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Conservancy and the Troup County Strategic Planning Committee.