Equity as a Compass for Taking Action on Climate

A Drawdown Georgia Event

In a recent conversation at The Carter Center, Nathaniel Smith, co-chair of the Drawdown Georgia Leadership Council and chief equity officer of the Partnership for Southern Equity, and John Lanier, executive director of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, unpacked how the initiative centers Beyond Carbon considerations like equity and public health at the heart of the movement, not as ideas that would simply be “nice to have.”

Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley, a lifelong advocate for civil rights and environmental justice, kicked off the conversation and put the work of advancing equitable climate solutions into context. Dr. Na'Taki Osborne Jelks also joined the conversation to bring her expertise as an assistant professor of environmental and health sciences at Spelman College and co-founder of the community-based environmental justice organization the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance. Both Rev. Durley and Dr. Jelks are members of the Drawdown Georgia Leadership Council.

Drawdown Georgia understands the importance of ensuring there are seats at the table for all stakeholders and supporting conversations about climate issues as civil rights issues. That’s why the movement is building bridges for a “leader-ful” movement using Drawdown's framework as a mentor and guide.

Take a deep dive into this conversation by watching the video below, or see the transcript here.