Crying Uncle: Ecocentricity Shifting to an Every-Other-Week Blog

By: John A. Lanier

After eight years of writing this blog weekly, I’ll be downshifting a bit. That will hopefully result in even better blogs when I do write, and at the very least, it will let me focus on other efforts we have ongoing at the Ray C. Anderson Foundation.

I’ve been writing this blog for more than eight years now. It’s been a wonderful experience, because the discipline of writing has taught me more than nearly anything else in that timespan. Each week, I have had to think about the environmental issues of the day and research the plentiful gaps in my knowledge. To be able to write about something, you need a pretty solid understanding of that thing (at least in theory!). But the time has come to take my foot off the accelerator and reduce how many posts I put out there.

Ecocentricity isn’t going away, mind you. As you see in the title, I’m going to aim for one blog every two weeks. That should allow me a bit more time and space to craft my pieces, so hopefully that means what I do write will be even better than my usual drivel! Most importantly, I’ll be using the time to focus more on aspects of our Drawdown Georgia work. In the short term, that means reviewing proposals for the Drawdown Georgia Climate Solutions and Equity Grant. I’m really excited for what is to come, and today is the deadline for letters of introduction! And in the longer term, I hope it means more opportunities to engage with people and bring them into this local climate solutions movement that we are trying to build.
I’ll be back in your inboxes on September 14 with a regular post, and as always, thank you so much for reading!