Drawdown Georgia Now Accepting Research Grant Proposals for Tracking Climate Change in Georgia

Georgians are concerned about climate change, but the state's carbon emissions remain high. Why are we not seeing more investments in climate solutions? 

On behalf of Drawdown Georgia, we are pleased to announce the availability of research grants to examine the adoption and use of high-impact climate solutions in Georgia.

This solicitation invites faculty and research associates from Georgia universities and colleges to submit proposals to track climate solutions around the state. By tracking the implementation of climate solutions, we can identify places that are leading vs lagging in adoption, winning approaches that can be replicated, and barriers that need to be addressed. 

In addition to spatial tracking of one or more solutions, we welcome analysis of diffusion patterns and impacts. 

What is the current overall level of penetration or use of the climate solution in Georgia? 

How does this compare to other states? 

What specific drivers and barriers are influencing the adoption of the climate solution in Georgia? 

What is the impact of business and community alignment, enabling infrastructure, rural vs urban contexts, and public policies

The specific climate solutions of interest are listed below: 


Application packets 

The deadline for applications is April 17, 2023. Use the application form linked below to include: 

  • Current CV of the principal investigator and collaborators  
  • A list of the climate solutions that will be analyzed, 
  • The proposed data sources and analysis approach, including consideration of the business and community context 
  • A proposed high-level budget 

Click here to download a Word file with application details.


Applicants must be faculty members or research scientists of a Georgia university or college (including postdoctoral research associates and full- or part-time adjunct faculty). 

We are especially interested in engaging researchers at HBCUs and MSIs in Georgia, either as Principal Investigators or as collaborators. 


The Drawdown Georgia Research Advisory Panel will select the winning projects. At least 5 research grants will be funded, with individual budgets up to $15,000 for research to be conducted primarily during the summer of 2023. 

Point of Contact 

Dr. Marilyn Brown is the point of contact for this solicitation for research, with assistance from Jared Isaacs. Please email any questions or comments to pubp-climatesolutions@iac.gatech.edu


To complete your application, click here