Drawdown Georgia and Southface Launch Energy Efficiency Toolkit for Georgia Homeowners

Whether you have just become a first-time homeowner, are building a new house, or have lived in your home for decades, there are so many simple solutions to create a more energy-efficient home. With the help of energy experts at Southface Institute, Drawdown Georgia has created a toolkit to help you take the first steps in making more sustainable decisions when it comes to your home. Even if you can only make one small change, it makes a difference.

It can be easy to overlook exactly how much energy your home requires on a day-to-day basis. All of the lights, electronics, air conditioning, heat, and appliances in our homes run on electricity that is still mainly produced by burning fossil fuels, which produce greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change and air pollution.

The good news is that reducing the carbon footprint of your home is easier than you think, which is great news for our climate--and your wallet, too.

Check out the toolkit here.