Cypris Materials Introduces Nature Inspired, Tunable, Structural Color Coating

Applied like Paint

Humans live in a colorful world, but the way they make color often involves toxic pigments or dyes, or requires the extraction of natural resources. But there is a different path to color found throughout nature. Animals from butterflies to peacocks have nano-structures that reflect specific wavelengths of light, causing their brilliant tones and hues. This is known as structural color, and Cypris Materials, Inc. has cracked the code by creating a new type of paint that can be used from cosmetics to the auto industry. The video above is a great overview of how the vibrant Morpho Butterflies inspired this game-changing technology.

This is video 2 of a 9 part series showcasing stories of hope during these troubling times. We need to radically change how we build and design our world, and instead of starting from scratch let's first #AskNature.

Cypris Materials was the 2nd Place winner in the 2020 Ray of Hope Prize®, funded by the Ray C. Anderson Foundation and produced by the Biomimicry Institute.

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Art and Animation by Jules Bartl

Produced and Narrated by Ed Prosser

Provided with support from the Ray C. Anderson Foundation.