Biomimicry Fireside Chat: "Envisioning a New Path Forward: Healing with Biomimicry"

Featuring Janine Benyus and Azita Ardakani

Join the Biomimicry Institute for their final Biomimicry Fireside Chat of the year on Thursday, December 17th at 1:00 p.m. MST (GMT-7) with special guests Janine Benyus and Azita Ardakani. The Institute kicked off this series in May to navigate these challenging times and offer genuine conversations about biomimicry’s promise of hope and solutions. These two visionary women helped set the stage for what would be an engaging series in looking to nature’s wisdom to reconnect with our place, our purpose, and our pursuit of regenerative living. They will close out the year and discuss how we can move forward in a way that heals ourselves and our shared home on Earth.

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